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30 Times Someone Didn't Take Their Job Very Seriously

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20+ Comically Awkward 'You Had One Job' Moments

Major facepalm
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Funny and cringey times people didn't know who they were talking to

Cringey Times People Didn't Know Who They Were Talking To

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30 Typos That Created Hilarious New Meanings

Bone Apple Tea
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funny tweets, funny memes, funny bad advice, tumblr | PRO TIP drain all oil, squeeze car real good. car smashed against the ceiling | tips Not sure much pasta make? Give up on life. There are gonna be lot harder decisions than one So might as well give up now.

23 Examples Of Bad Advice Nobody Should Take

Good luck, y'all.
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you had one job, one job, funny pics, fail, mistakes, funny, memes, funny memes, wtf, fails, facepalm | unreadable pregnancy test | EMERGENCY TELEPHONE Sco Dial 999 Coastguard, Police, Fire or Ambulance BT

22 Hilarious Mishaps And 'You Had One Job' Moments

Some very epic fails
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Funny spelling fails, social media fails, writing | Why y'all acting like world just now gettin messed up about slavery hall cost? Pick up book

24 Valiant Attempts That Really Missed The Mark

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Funny language fails | Black Jesus Follow @BulHunitProof "c-Jah noun shit shake Jay Murphh Recent (18) Messenger Shit got shut down not too long ago bro Ohh why happen Somebody have c-Jah Had don't know spell bro but 's shit shake Imfao | VIRGIN 11:39 PM whitecap TODAY WHITECAP Are up do spell walfus LEGGO my eggo things Walfools Wall Fools Wtf Waffles dumb bitch Send chat

Language Fails That Display The Importance Of Education

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Funny memes about the hulk, regretful hulk, marvel memes, regret, past mistakes.

'Regretful Hulk' Memes Are Overflowing With Relatable Cringe

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Why Am I Like This?

Funny meme about never learning from romantic mistakes, use me,
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funny print and movie fails.

42 Film & Print Blunders That Are Filled With Regret

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twitter teenagers cringe mistakes advice high school - 6821125

11 People Give Life Advice To Their Cringey 16-Year-Old Selves

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Probably Shouldn't Have Watched Step Brothers Right Before Going Out

twitter mistakes image boats - 8988262656
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Blanks Fired

fatherson baseball mistakes web comics - 8770964992

On the Menu Tonight: Everything Perishable in the Fridge

mistakes dating web comics - 8759030784
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Pretty Sure That's Not Legal

dogs mistakes web comics - 8577967616
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