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Super Bowl Tweets For Football and Commercial Enjoyers

Another Super Bowl has come and gone! If you are an Eagles fan, I send my condolences. If you are a Missouri person, congratulations! Luckily for us casual sports fans, this game was entertaining, and we were all at the edge of our seats until the end. All and all, there wasn't an abundance of memeable moments outside of the halftime show . As Memebase accurately predicted, the M&M spokescandies made an appearance and were not forever replaced by Maya Rudolph. We saw that Super Bowl commercial…
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A compilation of funny tweets anticipating the upcoming Super Bowl

Super Bowl Tweets For Excited Eagles And Chiefs Fans

The Super Bowl is only two weeks away, and we finally know who will play in the big game. The Kansas City Chiefs will go head-to-head against the Philadelphia Eagles at State Farm Stadium in Arizona. The Chiefs won the Super Bowl in 2019, and The Eagles won for the first time in 2017. This information might sound a bit basic to you real sports fans out there, but I'm here to educate my fellow ignorant slobs. My family has not had a great go about it with Super Bowl victories. My mom's a Bears f…
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A compilation of memes about Midwestern states in the midwest

Midwest Memes For Real Midwesterners

When I was in college in Ohio, so many people wore shirts to football games that read “Ohio Against The World.” At the time, I thought it was pretty funny because I didn't think it was that dramatic. Is the world really that at odds with Ohio? Now that I'm no longer living in the midwest, I see that so many people hate the midwest for no real reason. I think a lot of the resentment toward the midwest is based on the coastal preconception that it's a boring place where nothing happens. What non-…
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Twitter discourse about Midwesterners debating which state is responsible for chili and cinnamon rolls being paired together

Midwesterners Debate Whether Cinnamon Rolls and Chili Is An Authentic Midwest Delicacy

Who is responsible for this?
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Twitter thread from @brownandbella baout the dumbest things men have said about sex and reproductive health | tweet by Varah T @VarahTs 7h Replying brownandbella and @ReignOfApril coworker genuinely thought women did all our business, including birth, out 1 hole. He his late 20s went on lunch

Women Share Dumb Things Men Have Said To Them About Sex And Women's Health

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Funny memes and photoshops of St. Louis gun couple mark and patricia mccloskey, photoshops, parodies, funny memes | The Joker and Harley Quinn | saving private ryan movie poster parody [DoctorPhotograph] DVD DOCTORPHOTOGRAPH FLM mark patricia mccloskey saving private property

St. Louis 'Ken And Karen' Continue To Inspire Memes

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Funny meme about fat joe.
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Party Pooper

Funny tweet by a guy who explains that every time he gets drunk he edits the state of Missouri to look bigger on Wikipedia and that someone ratted him out for it
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Yes Only Humans Here

Tweet that reads, "WELCOME, VISITOR. WE HAVE A 'CHURCH' AND A 'SCHOOL' AND NO TENTACLES WHATSOEVER" above a map of Humansville, Missouri
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He's From Missouri

wtf missouri funny - 8386261504
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Spring Time in Missouri

spring missouri snow doing it wrong - 7163335936


bing missouri texas - 6585966080
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Just Click Undo

abortion everywhere help idiots Memes missouri undo - 6500286720
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idiots kkk missouri - 5491771904
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