Will Always Love You!

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By Unknown


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By thenewjoestevens

The Truth

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By Unknown

You Mean Lincoln Didn't Use the Internet?

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By dc


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Live Long and Prosper

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So, so Reagan

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My Favorite Pope

misquotes yoda - 6039527680
By Noah

Man, Myspace is Going to Be Really Mad About This

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By jpatch

It's Magically Delicious

cereal kids misquotes - 5994776320
By Cheddarface

He Has Such a Magnetic Personality

Magneto misquotes - 5973410048
By thetungwakou

You Racist, Shauna?

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Doesn't Starcraft 3 Come Out Today?

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By J_A_C_K

I Loved Firefly

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By Pengin13

The Gunpowder Treason and Pox

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By werea1l1madhere

I Didn't Even Know They Had Zebras There

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By Unknown
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