minion memes

A compilation of memes about the newest Minion Movie,  Minions: The Rise of Gru.

Minion Memes For Facebook Moms and Banana Fanatics Alike

Minions have been part of the cultural conversation longer than anyone could've guessed. First debuting in the Steve Carell vehicle Despicable Me in 2010, minions were an instant phenomenon, becoming a merchandising powerhouse comparable to Disney. Minions became the popular subjects of Facebook memes , often featured in relatable image macros for an older demographic. While minions were initially received quite positively, the meme world turned on them in 2015 during the release of their spino…
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Funny Mario Kart memes, You have entered the comedy area.

'You Have Entered The Comedy Area' Memes Call Out Predictable Jokesters

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20 Cringey Wine Memes That Will Unleash The Basic Mom Inside You

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'Janet You Have To See This May-May I Found!'

Example of a Minion meme that a middle-aged mom would find hilarious
Via BlackMarbleParachute

I Swear, If I ever See Another Minion...

Meme about 40-year-old moms loving minion memes
Via Know Your Meme