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20+ Tryhard Posts That Desperately Want To Be Deep

Thanks to the internet, it's never been harder to be a teenager — and boy, are they going to let us know about it. Whether it's the exposure to one too many TikTok dances or a resentment towards being left on read, there's something about the internet that seems to churn out wannabe youthful culture critics. As if that wasn't enough, they're usually about as intellectual as the jokes you read on popsicle sticks, if popsicles were preoccupied with that one Nietzsche quote they read once. On the …
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High Thoughts

Funny meme that reads, "The youngest picture of you is the oldest picture of you" above pics of a guy looking shocked
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Twitter thread that reveals a heart-wrenching detail about 'The Last Jedi'

A Star Wars Fan Figured Out This Heart-Wrenching Detail From 'The Last Jedi'

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tumblr meme gems

16 Excellent Tumblr Posts To Spice Up Your Life

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witty Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe chamber of secrets tumblr mind blown clever dumbledore funny tumblr posts draco malfoy - 7923461

18 Harry Potter Tumblr Tidbits To Get Your Day Rowling

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Tumblr post that reads, "So my little sister just burst into my room, grabbed me and whispered, 'Omg the reason Patrick is so clueless is because he lives under a rock'"
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Mind Blowing

Caption that reads, "Once you've read the dictionary, every other book you read is just a remix" above a pic of one of the guys from Daft Punk reading a newspaper
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Mind Blown

Shower Thoughts tweet that reads, "The reason most of us stay up late is because we don't want our free time to end and tomorrow to start"
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wtf random facts

19 WTF Facts That'll Make Your Head Spin

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"After 10 years I finally realized that Phineas and Ferb are shaped like the letters P and F"
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Oh My God

"As much as I use my smartphone, I don't think I've ever seen it in any of my dreams"
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Twitter Is SHOOK Over These Eerie Similarities Between The Carters And The Incredibles

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Photo of Zooey Deschanel with and without bangs and glasses
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mind blowing shower thoughts | People who want to take a group picture during agood time literally want to stop having the good time in order to do something inconvenient. GRIT ALT

20 Shower Thoughts That Will Blow Your Mind Clear Through to Next Week

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15 Shower Thoughts to Get You Ready for Your Next Sudsing Session

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Wow. My World Is Rocked

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