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17 Shrek Memes That'll Make Your Brain Smart But Your Head Dumb

Everyone's favorite green ogre is getting a reboot! Producer Chris Meledandri has stated that he plans to keep the original voice actors while creating new story lines. Some Shrek fans are skeptical about the revamp of the beloved cult classic, while others are stoked.

Will it be good? We don't know - all we really want is for Smash Mouth to be involved.

Did you know the word Shrek comes from the German "Schreck", which means fright or terror. This is the part, when you run. Shrek has made his way into all sorts of different merchandise. But if you are looking for a movie that took the world by storm in the same way, Bird Box and these hilarious memes are definitely a place to ramp it up (you might even find a Shrek meme thrown in there). 

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