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'Mentally I'm Here' Memes Showcase The Brutality And Escapism Of 2020

It's been a year.
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cancelling plans is ok memes, movie memes, twitter memes, midsommar memes, parasite, parasite memes, pop culture references | EwdatsGROSS cancelling plans is ok. Leaving rich fianc guy just met is ok. Letting him paint like one his French girls is ok. Letting him freeze death there is room on door is ok. Throwing necklace into ocean is ok. do u need do cope. filmgurlthot cancelling plans is ok. going sweden festival is ok. realizing u hate boyfriend is ok. putting him dead bear and burning him

'Cancelling Plans Is Ok' Memes Are Full Of Pop Culture References

Self care is important
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Funny tweets, hey i'm so glad you reached out, i'm actually at capacity.Hey! I'm so glad you reached out. I'm actually at capacity / helping someone else who's in crisis / dealing with some personal stuff right now, and I don't think I can hold appropriate space for you. Could we connect [later date or time] instead / Do you have someone else you could reach out to?

'I'm Actually at My Emotional Capacity' Memes Mock A Cold Tweet About 'Emotional Labor'

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Funny video mashup of Midsommar and Wet Hot American Summer.

This 'Midsommar'/'Wet Hot American Summer' Mashup Trailer Is Pure Genius

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