Failure to Kinect

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Magic 8-Ball Knows

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Never Forget the True Enemy

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By Travis_Touchdown

No Way, Microsoft

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The #Trending Store in the Xbox Avatar Marketplace Now Has Rage Faces and Meme Outfits

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Nintendo Needs to Buy Capcom

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By LJPhil

Microsoft Might Still Have a Chance

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Next Gen Gaming, Always Online, Connected Experiences, No Single Player, BLAH BLAH BLAH Can't Even Play on Release Date

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What if Microsoft Was Entirely Honest With Us?

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Microsoft Loves Forcing the Kinect Down Our Throats

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Who Are They to Argue?

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By anony

Well Played, Microsoft

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And the Console Itself is an XRight Rectangular Prism

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Sony's Response

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The Truth About Microsoft

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You Had One Job, Microsoft

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