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We're Going For A Wild Ride

Funny meme about changing the formatting in microsoft word.
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Funny meme making clippy a cowboy.
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clippy coworkers office pranks Office microsoft microsoft word - 446213

It Looks Like You're Trying to Work at Your Office. Would You Like Help?

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GraphJam: Microsoft Word Woes

graphjam microsoft word - 8282122752
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Now I Get It...

Microsoft Office microsoft word - 8252751872

Ask Me How My Day Was...

humpday microsoft word funny - 7446548480
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Clippy's Revenge

clippy grammar microsoft word - 7431783936
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No, I Would Not Like Help With That

Memes microsoft word spell check - 6438296576
Created by PetePete

Type the word "Jedi" in a sentence

capitalization Jedi microsoft word star wars success kid - 4577269504
See all captions Created by meleemailman