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20+ of the Best Coming of Age Movies Ever

Everyone has to grow up. It's one of the few experiences we all share, no matter where we're from or how our backgrounds might differ. It's no wonder some of the most beloved films of all time are coming-of-age stories that deeply resonate with youth and wistful adults alike. The 400 Blows came out in 1959, and yet it's still a timeless window into childhood that's no less relevant today. Ferris Bueller's Day Off is about as aesthetically 80s as it gets, but the desire to ditch school for a day…
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Where's the lie?

Funny meme about girls anniversary posts on the internet, michael cera, dating memes, funny tweet | girls be like " 1 year with the love of my life my world V " and this is the pic
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Funny meme that reads, "Trying to run away from my problems only to realize that I am my problems" above an image of Michael Cera running away from himself
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Fresh tweets, funny tweets, self-deprecating, relatable tweets, dating tweets, relationship tweets, tweets about self-destructive behavior.

18 Fresh Tweets You May Or May Not Relate To

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arrested development memes and funny pics

38 Iconic Moments From 'Arrested Development' That Even The Never-Nudes Will Enjoy

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Why I'm Single

Pic of Michael Cera smiling while looking sad with the caption, "When you can tell someone thinks you're hot and then you watch them lose interest when they realize you're a fucking weirdo"
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Oh No

Funny meme about avengers.
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Love The Chainsmokers

Funny meme about the chainsmokers.
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Depressing screen shot from arrested devvelopment, george michael talking about how he is always alone.
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Funny meme about how michael Cera always looks like he's witnessing a fight break out but is scared to intervene.
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Collection of funny memes of Michael Cera photoshopped onto album covers, hip-hop, music, rap, rock, rock and roll, photoshop.

People Have Been Photoshopping Michael Cera Onto Album Covers - And They're Perfect

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Funny meme saying that Marilyn Manson looks like the love child of Michael Cera and Professor Severus Snape from Harry Potter.
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Blame Him or Thank Him

Funny meme that claims Michael Cera invented cracking open a cold one with the boys meme and respecting women meme.
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Funny meme about how Michael Cera always looks like he's watching you eat a banana from across the room.
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Never Mind, Mom.

Funny meme about when you start telling your parents a story but remember that what you did was illegal, so nevermind, mom. Two photos of Michael Cera changing facial expressions are used side by side in the meme.
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I'm Fine

michael cera image grocery store - 8982565376
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