Funny Tweets roasting Elon Musk's new haircut, Miami, the fifth element, jean-baptiste zorg, art basel

Elon Musk's Haircut is Giving Supervillain and People Are More Than Happy to Roast It

It's giving...Zorg
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Cringey influencer poses in front of father's open casket, twitter reacts

Influencer Inspires Ridicule After Posing in Front of Father's Open Casket

You'd think that by now people would stop t aking photos with or in front of dead or dying people . But, alas. Every month brings a new and impressively tone deaf person to our screens, practically begging to be taken down by the pitchforks of the internet. Today's focus is on Miami influencer Jayne Rivera, who used her now-deleted Instagram account to share a series of very posed photos - in front of her father's open casket. this Instagram model’s father passed away,,,, and she did a photo sh…
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cat, stadium, football, saved, video, close call, the lion king, flag, american flag

Football Fans Recreate “The Lion King” After Saving Falling Cat With American Flag

You don't have to be a cat owner to appreciate the feline disregard for personal safety. When you're a species blessed with that level of agility and pride, it's a natural temptation to constantly rub it in everyone's face. However, when things go wrong they tend to backfire big time. It's not often that this happens as spectacularly as the events at the Hard Rock Stadium on Saturday night, though. The opening of the college football season in Miami was stalled after a cat was found in the stan…
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hair, hairstyle, hair styling, food, restaurant, ew, miami, florida, woman, duffy's sports grill

Today In Probable Health Code Violations: Woman Brings Heat Styling Brush To Restaurant, Is Filmed Using It On Her Hair

No bad hair days here.
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Funny meme about spirit and frontier airlines and going to miami.
Via @memebase

Reraged: Always a Different Story, Eh?

Canada rage reframed weather new york miami - 8114439936
By baconflavouredpeople

Always a Different Story

miami new york snow weather rain Y U NO - 8088377088
By MeanMeme

Never Bring a Basketball to a Zombie Fight

basketball face Memes miami zombie - 6280908288
By Unknown

Brace Yourselves for Zombies

gross miami Winter Is Coming zombie - 6277109504
By Chad

In the Heat of the Knick

basketball dancing Heat Memes miami new york - 6074710528
By Unknown

Lame Pun Coon: 12 Minutes Early!

college finals Lame Pun Coon lebron miami minutes sports - 4866769408
By Buckoman

The Worst MVP in the World

basketball Heat lebron miami playoffs the most interesting man in the world - 4863292416
Via F Yeah Albuquerks