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40+ Times Video Games Were Surprisingly Wise

Gotta love accidental memes
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The Dankest Metal Gear Memes to Celebrate 34 Years of Solid Snake

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Cracked video about Hideo Kojima conspiracy video games

Hideo Kojima Is QAnon For Gamers (Every Kojima Conspiracy Explained)

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Funny video of man imitating Revolver ocelet's gun spinning skills.

This Metal Gear Solid Fan Has Some SERIOUS Gun Skills

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Metal Gear Solid V: Quiet Cosplay

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Basically, Yeah...

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This about Sums up the Metal Gear Survive Feels

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Some People Out There Are Thinking This After The Metal Gear Survive Trailer

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Friendly Reminder That This Is in a Metal Gear Game

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He Must Have a Really Great Sense of Smell

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By Mamalugia
metal gear solid prosthetic video games IRL video games Video win - 80651009

Square Enix Partners with Acclaimed Prosthetics Creator 'Open Bionics' to Create Version of Prosthetic Hand Adam Jensen Uses in Deus Ex

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The Remastered Metal Gear Solid 3 Pachinko Trailer Is so Good It's Painful

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metal gear solid Video Game Coverage video games win - 80188161

Amputee Gamer Gets Prosthetic Arm Inspired by Metal Gear Solid With Charger, Drone, and Interactive Screen

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saints row metal gear solid parody saints row IV Video - 79016705

Anyone Else Still Get a Kick Outta' the Saints Row 4, Metal Gear Solid Parody?

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State of the Mother Base

obama metal gear solid
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metal gear solid Fan Art splatoon - 8597371392
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