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20+ 'Bone-Hurting' Memes That Poke Fun at Overused Meme Templates

The meme that started it all (via u/kirbizia ) r/BoneHurtingJuice is one of our favorite caches of irony-posting, excessively literal memes, and misused templates . Scrolling through the subreddit feels like watching an absurd comedy that's bit off-putting at first, but gets exponentially funnier with repetition. So which memes are eligible for ' bone hurting juice ' status? The subreddit paints a picture in their 'about' section: 'Imagine you're a 10 year old kid who just discovered the intern…
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22 Bone-Hurting Memes That Are Absurdly Literal

Pass the bone hurting juice
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Best crossover meme of all time?

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Funny random memes, lord of the rings memes, dank memes, relatable memes, spicy memes, work memes, animal memes | Girls: Why don't boys get our signs Their signs: DON'T PULL PUSH ONLY | My parents front people: Kids really are amazing creatures My parents alone: Always cast poor reflection on

Stupid But Entertaining Memes For Bored People

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Funny memes about memes | Finally found my true native land Baltic ESTON Gotland Sea LATV sratg VÖland LITHU USS penhagen MEMELAND Ger 1938 holm Konigsberg EAST n Danzig PRUSSIA Vil Stettin Tannenberg Nax Soet Pact Arnexe Ges Biasto rlin y Gcary 1939 | how does it feel being the meme for once Shrek looking down at the viewer

Sixteen Meta Memes Full Of Humorous Introspection

Soooo meta dude.
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Funny meme mashup | WTF you've got these meme formats all mixed up but they are all basically the same thing Nooo you can't just post this! Nobody will upvote it! woman yelling at a cat american chopper argument money machine brr
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Freshly Plucked Dank Memes From The Spicy Orchards Of Reddit

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A Cautionary Tale

Funny me me about wasting time looking at memes, the simpsons.
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meta dank meme that is totally useless
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