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sexist vintage ads | WOMEN keep Mimsy Clean daily wash with new Lax kebab soap women will freshen up flaps and stop stinking like an old kipper LUX KEBAB SOAP LUX Ask your doctor today | Chef does everything but cook s wives are my wife

43 Vintage Ads That Really Didn't Age Well

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weird messed up thoughts, reddit, askreddit | MotherFuckin-Oedipus easy is kill people and get away with s always just passing thought, and not necessarily doing killing woman could just drop her baby into bear pen and call an accident could push this dude front train and sprint away guy manning crane could drop load on his coworker.

17 People Revealed The Most F***ed Up Things They Think About On A Regular Basis

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Funny pictures of times people messed up in the kitchen

18 Times People Royally Effed Up In The Kitchen

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Caption that reads, "January 2019: This is going to be my year; March: ..." above a pic of Daniel Radcliffe sitting on a swing looking mad
Via mississippi_boi_memes
Cringeworthy Design Fails

14 Cringeworthy Design Fails That Really Shouldn't Exist

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stupid people whoops oops messed up cringe facepalm - 6206469

17 Stupid People Who Only Had One Job

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kids whisper confessions whisper family parents lgbtq trash messed up - 5849861

17 Kids Reveal The F*cked Up Reasons Their Trash Parents Disowned Them

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grooms reveal the worst things people have said to them on their wedding days

19 Grooms Reveal The F*cked Up Things People Have Said To Them On Their Wedding Day

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crazy bible verses | iff_true 2h "He whose testicles are crushed or whose male member is cut off shall not enter assembly Lord Dueteronomy 23:1

18 Insane Bible Verses That Are Totally F*cked Up

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Sad dogs animal cruelty wtf pitbull doggo messed up - 5619717

People Are Adopting Pitbulls For This Majorly F*cked Up Reason

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Hapy Kitten: Quite A Drop

Happy Kitten heaven messed up ugly your face - 4430840064
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