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Amusing Discord Statuses That Perfectly Represent The Chaos Of The Platform

The status is the window to the soul.
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Cringey Times Dudes Exposed Their Neckbeard Tendencies

For almost as long as people have been bumping uglies, the prospect of getting laid has been a bit of a touchy subject . All these societal rules involving "manners" and "not being an entitled jerk" can get confusing sometimes, especially when you are so horny that you can not seem to see straight. Unfortunately, this can lead to some social situations that, if we are being generous and kind, we could say are extremely awkward. If we're being truthful, though, we can acknowledge that they're to…
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Weird & Funny Xbox Live Messages To Perplex Even The Most Seasoned Gamer

Social skills = nonexistent.
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4chan Anecdotes That Range Between Amusing, Concerning And Wholesome

A melting pot of strangeness.
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Don't Play Dumb With Me!

messages im-watching-you facebook - 6539139584
By Unknown

Every Single Time

messages phone video games - 8442820096
By Unknown
Miiverse messages wii U Video - 63163905

Miiverse is Truly a Wonderfuly Place

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Dark Souls 2 in a Nutshell

Harry Potter messages gifs dark souls 2 - 8271581696
Via CamoDeFlage

Xbox Live is Full of Weirdos

gamers xbox live messages weird wtf - 7951851520
By Unknown

We Can Play Games and Eat Doritos Together

xbox live messages dating - 7443619840
By Unknown

I'm the Sweetest

forever alone messages love - 6870753536
By Unknown

Now I Can Die in Peace

messages relationships batman - 6758878976
By Unknown

Forever Alone

messages chat apple - 6668822784
By Unknown

Check Your Facebook Messages...

facebook gf Memes messages - 6335268608
By startrekEwoks

Her Phone Sends Messages into the Past

impossibru Memes messages past phone - 6259038976
By vashts

Forever Almost Not Alone

facebook messages notifications Rage Comics - 5159820544
By Unknown
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