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Wild Tinder Moments That Range From Amusing To Terrible

The audacity
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Woman Calls Out Bossy Tinder Date In Amusing Thread

If you’ve spent any amount of time looking for love on dating apps , it’s more than likely you have a few horror stories today. There are a scary amount of weirdos out there, and the ability to message attractive strangers whatever they feel like seems to bring out their audacity in full force. This was the case for @kasiamertuszka , who was left amazed after an interaction with a man on Tinder who she had been preparing to go on a date with. After reacting with surprise that he had instructed …
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girl reaches out to ex boyfriend to check if he's fine after she gets in a new relationship

Guy's Cringey Ex Tries To 'Check Up' On Him When She Gets A New Boyfriend

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Funny meme featuring Justin Bieber about accidentally opening a message so then you have to reply
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Funny Facebook messages between a "Karen" and the admin of a Facebook group that makes fun of "Karens" | Karen O on mobile Hello, my name is Karen messaging today due new trend going around referring demeaning term used degrade middle aged white women part feminist movement called months also doing story on my page about this, and free come look at get better educated on racism and 's effects on society as whole s recent

Angry Karen Writes Facebook Letter Demanding An End To The 'Karen Crisis'

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Funny screenshot of a text conversation where someone says, "I still love you. I never stopped," and the second person replies, "I can't imagine a worse occasion to have to ask this but um who is this"
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Caption that reads, "Him: I bet you get hella DMs; My DMs: ..." above an Instagram screenshot of a message that reads, "Hello, I was wondering if you can marry me so I can gain access to America..."
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He's Right You Know

Someone requests Merriam-Webster to follow them on Twitter so that they can DM them to say that "toothpaste" should really be called "teethpaste" instead
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But The Fat Boi Is So Cute

Caption that reads, "A message to my enemies" above a pic of a cute little bird on top of a mouse it killed
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Social Media in a Nutshell

web comics social media message Social Media in a Nutshell
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That Took a Weird Turn

depressing funny online dating wtf message - 8229319936
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Odds Are It Wasn't a Typo

funny idiots online dating message - 8312568064

How Sweet of You to Say

guy tells girl to lose weight
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I've Got a Wiener Dog For You

dogs wtf message funny - 8463812864
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Always Spell Voluptuous Right

proper spelling is key when you're harassing people online.
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This Message Updates Automatically

trolling message brb - 8408667392
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