People reminisce about things that were normal in the 1990s, internet, dial-up, funny, nostalgia, 1980s

People Share Nostalgia For Things That Were Normal in the '90s But Are Now Obsolete

As a millennial born in the late 1980's, I had the pleasure of witnessing some major cultural shifts, the most prominent being the advent of the Internet. While my early childhood was internet-free, as I got older I was introduced to both the wonders and horrors of the world wide web. And at first, I had to use dial-up internet to enjoy them. The haunting sound of dial-up internet booting up (and the anticipation that came with it) is just one of the many joys kids these days will never underst…
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People List the Golden Ages That Have Passed Us By

Pour one out
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Funny Parenting Tweets About the Cruelly Unforgiving Memories Of Children

They remember EVERYTHING.
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Nostalgic Early 2000's Comedy Skits That Remind You of Your Teenage Dirtbag Years

Nostalgic Early 2000's Comedy Skits That Remind You of Your Teenage Dirtbag Years

Time to get a pretzel at Aunty Anne's
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Thread About Dissecting Owl Pellets Unlocks Childhood Science Class Memories

I remember dissecting my owl pellet like it was yesterday. I was in 4th grade and I was sick at home with the chickenpox. I'd been really looking forward the owl pellet project and so when I caught my little sister's infection, I was super bummed out. My best friend at the time was nice enough to offer bringing a pellet and tools to my house so that I could do mine at home. My mom was reluctant at first, but she gave in. It was for science, after all. Feverish and covered in bright red pox, I j…
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11+ People Share Silly & Stupid Stories of Getting in Trouble at School

Getting in trouble is usually a normal part of growing up. Sometimes kids get in trouble for mouthing off in school. Calling a teacher fat, pulling a prank in class, or simply distracting everyone else until whoever's in charge absolutely loses it. Sometimes, kids get in trouble for their actions at home. This is more common with strict families , like my own. When I was in high school my mother wouldn't allow me a key, or to see friends after school. It led to me sneaking out at night, and whe…
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Wholesome twitter thread about the perks of parents jobs while growing up, childhood

Nostalgic Twitter Users Reminisce About The Perks & Pitfalls Of Their Parents Jobs

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30 Nostalgic Memes Only Some People Will Get

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Please Forgive Me

Funny meme about how teachers hate their jobs because kids are assholes, frogs, frog memes, animals
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Funny memes for Millennials and '90s kids | swankydesserts d C: 26 went 90s themed party last night piesandfalcs 's cup cake minty too young if don't know good pun truly is | My head HURTS just looking at these

17 Nineties Memes For The Millennials Craving That Nostalgia

All that and a bag of chips
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Funny memes about childhood | Showing up school after doctor's appointment laughing leo mcdonald's happy meal | 7 year old after saying Bad morning teacher Welcome downtown Coolsville.

Fourteen Childhood Memes In Honor Of Simpler Times

Ah, simpler times.
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Funny memes about life in the '80s

Gnarly '80s Memes That Are Like Totally Tubular

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Funny meme about helping your dad change a lightbulb.
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'Ooh, Haven't Seen This Since I Was 8!'

Caption that reads, "When you're cleaning your room and you get distracted by stuff you found" above a pic of a woman wearing a fancy mask playing on her phone
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Funny and embarrassing memories from sex ed class, whisper, sex education, embarrassing stories.

20 People Share Their Weirdest And Funniest Sex Ed Memories

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Good Times...

memories memes facebook Good Times...
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