memes about kids

For Real

Meme of DJ Khaled looking confused under the caption, "These days you will see 13-year-old girls posting stuff like, 'I want to forget everything and move on;' forget what? The multiplication table??"
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Pic of a toddler holding a baby chick up to a flower with the caption, "Smell the goddamn flower you piece of shit baby chicken"
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It Was Hard Out There On The Playground

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Tastes Salty!

Anime meme of child asking if Playdoh is food
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Drag Queens Aren't Good Around Children

Someone asks on Quora if drag queens are appropriate around children, answer trolls
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Kids Say The Darnedest Things!

Cute photo of a little girl who told someone her name was "Buttcrack"
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It's All Downhill From There

Photo of a kid crying because he doesn't get the free ice cream with the adult meal
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He Gon Get Shut Down

Child playing Uno with an adult
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