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The Best Relatable Work Memes This Week (June 12, 2023)

Get to work
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'No part of me wants to get back to work': Corporate Employee Bemoans That Meetings Stunt Productivity

They can be pointless
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Dude Floats Genius Way to Cut the Time Workers Spend in Meetings

Time is money
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Worker Gets Asked To Share Notes After Zoom Meeting, Gets Chided For Doodling

It helps with concentration, right?
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People Discuss Whether ‘This Meeting Could’ve Been an Email’

Are emails really better than meetings, or do they both suck?
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Probably The Only Worthwhile Meeting

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Stop Wasting Our Time
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Funny tweet about how evolution caused staff meetings.
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20 Funny Memes That'll Put Some Pep In Your Step

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Excellent Point!

Tweet that reads, "Took 28 years to realize that no matter what the meeting is about, if you randomly chime in with 'it's just about finding that balance' people will always agree"
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The More We Meet, the Less I Get Done

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Dress For Success

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"Uhh... I... I've Gotta Go Bye!"

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Guess Who!

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A Watched Clock Never Ends a Meeting

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Better Have a Meeting To Plan for the Meeting

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