Funny distracted boyfriend meme about man looking at medusa and turning to stone
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Blinking White Guy Memes Are Back, Dumber Than Ever

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funny meme about a cat getting turned to stone by medusa.
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Think Again

Funny meme about cat who turned to stone.
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They Weren't Meant to Be

web comics mythology They Weren't Meant to Be
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Medusa Is Real?

hair medusa angry lady - 3395704064
See all captions By Murillians

Well She Had to Put Them Somewhere

memes funny statues medusa - 8346591232
By Unknown

Those Drunk Driving Reptiles

St Patrick's Day medusa dating web comics - 8105468672
Via Bizarro Comics

What Have Mythology and Sci-Fi Done to Me?

statue weeping angels fandom medusa doctor who - 8082578688
By Unknown

Men Can Be Hard

myths medusa relationships web comics - 7994720256
By Origami_Heart (Via Buttersafe)

Helena Bonham Carter Totally Looks Like Medusa

helena bonham-carter greek medusa totally looks like tim burton - 7763060480
By Unknown

You Wouldn't Want to Turn Into Stone

IRL nope medusa snakes animals - 7534427136
By Unknown

That Poor Dog,

dogs stone medusa statue - 3127451648
By LetTheRaineFall

Me Dusa

me gusta medusa - 7077257728
By teradragon

Me Dusa

me gusta medusa video games - 6748494592
By Magmastone

Almost an Old Nursery Rhyme

carpet drapes medusa philosoraptor snakes - 5509718528
By Unknown
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