30+ Enlightening Yoga Memes for Flexible Folks

30+ Enlightening Yoga Memes for Flexible Folks

Zen out on these memes!
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Funny tweets about how Jared Leto just found out about coronavirus after attending a meditation retreat in the desert | JARED LETO @JaredLeto Wow. 12 days ago began silent meditation desert were totally isolated. No phone, no communication etc had no idea happening outside facility. 1:29 AM 3/17/20 Twitter Web App

Jared Leto Just Found Out About Coronavirus After Attending A Meditation Retreat

What a time to be alive.
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14 Sassy CBD Memes That Prove The Craze Is Getting Way Out Of Hand

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You Need To Balance Your Chakra

Text that reads, "Have you tried speaking to the manager...within?" over an animated pic of a middle-aged woman appearing to meditate
Via summerbabe22

It's Better to Keep Your Thoughts to Yourself

thoughts meditation web comics - 8758964224
Via taeram

Focusing on the Wrong Things

meditation web comics Focusing on the Wrong Things
Via plancomic

Modern Meditation in a Nutshell

Via New Yorker

Meditation in The Digital Age

computers meditation web comics - 8465190400
Created by Derp-a-derp ( Via Tech Brother )

Zen Rage

distraction meditation table flipping - 8232595200

So Much for Peace and Harmony

nature it's something meditation yoga - 7629095680

The Downside of Shower Meditation

cleaning shower meditation - 7383859712
Created by Rx-Rogie