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Refined Classical Art Memes For the Cultured Souls

Memes both cultured & dank
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30+ Spicy Classical Art Memes Full of Crass Humor

There's something hilarious about a highly regarded work of art whose subjects have been totally decontextualized and memed into mere comic book characters. It probably took Jan van Eyck months to complete just one of his naturalistic portraits with all of its painstaking detail. Now, thanks to the internet, Eyck's famous Arnolfini Portrait can double as a relatable meme about getting stoned. Maybe it's the lack of respect that makes it so funny. If you're into classical art memes as much as we
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30+ Funny Art Memes For Cultured Souls

Classical paintings are basically memes
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This Is Fine

Funny medieval meme, tweet about people getting stabbed and not caring | ruby @roobeekeane my new favourite genre is people in medieval manuscripts who've been stabbed but simply do not care
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