A compilation of tweets with bad medical takes not made by doctors

The Absolute Worst Medical Takes Twitter Has To Offer

Social media at large is certainly not a medical forum, but its users sure like to pretend it is. In the past couple of years, there have been… situations , one might say, that have increased the amount of medical discourse that happens among non-medical professionals both on social media and in the world at large. It makes sense of course: when people are faced with a crisis that is unprecedented in their lifetime, they tend to seek answers instead of wallowing in helplessness. Unfortunately,…
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funny times stupid people got school by science | Matihew Wilox DEAR ATHEISTS is cavemen survived asteroid but dinosaurs didn't? Mara Bangs Trick keep safe distance dinosaurs about 65 million years or so seemed do trick | B.o.B Follow @bobati cities background are approx. 16miles apart where is curve please explain this murderedbywords With circumference 24901 miles are looking at curvature around .2 degrees, or little more than 10 feet at 16 miles away. May say curvature is still significantly

Entertaining Times Knowledge Was Dropped on Stupid People

Got 'em.
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A compilation of doctor and medical student themed memes

Doctor Memes For Medical Professionals

Going to the doctor can be incredibly un-fun. You have to get poked and prodded by a total stranger, all while divulging way too specific details about your life. No thank you. When I was a kid, I hated going to the doctor and got so worked up that I threw up on my pediatrician every time I went. I wasn't even going to the doctor for nausea related reasons, my doctor just had such bad vibes, I had to throw up in his direction. Sure, going to the doctor sucks, but is it more fun to be the doctor…
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A compilation of funny memes about nurses, nursing, hospitals, and night shifts

Nurse Memes For Perpetually Exhausted Nurses

Being a nurse is not for the weak of heart. There's nothing more difficult than dealing with the public, especially if the public is feeling sick and angry. It's even worse when they're taking out their frustration on you, an innocent party who has not caused their present suffering. It gets to another level when you're simultaneously trying to deal with a distressed person's emotional needs while administering treatment for them. That's not to mention that you have tens of unique patients that…
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A compilation of memes about nurses and nursing

Nurse Memes For Hilarious And Professional Nurses

There are some jobs you need a sense of humor to be able to do; otherwise, there would be no way you could get through every day and still keep your sanity. Nursing is one of those professions . Nurses must deal with the public in ways many service workers never have to. Nurses have to control scared and angry people who don't want to be where they are and administer healthcare to those people. I literally could never. I learned that nursing was no joke when my friend who works as a psychiatric…
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pharmacy, medication, medicine, pharmacist, drug store, drugs, jobs, memes, funny, funny memes

A Dose of Pharmacist Memes That Don't Require a Prescription

Drugstore woes
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pregnancy, pregnancy announcement, sonographer, medicine, shock, staged, tiktok

Woman Stuns Internet With Pregnancy Reveal in Sonography Class

The shock of a lifetime
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A compilation of medical school themed memes

Medical Memes For Exhausted Med Students

Medical school sounds good in concept. Whose parents don't want them to have a prestigious career? Being a doctor is a surefire way to make any mom or dad proud of you for the foreseeable future, not to mention all of the other benefits of this field. You don't have to get an actual job until you're 30, you will leave without your sanity, and you will have thousands of dollars in student loan debt! What could go wrong? In actuality, medical school is a huge commitment and a very difficult one t…
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A compilation of memes about nurses, nursing and the medical profession.

Nurse Memes For The Dreaded Night Shift

Most jobs have pretty simple schedules. You go in during the morning, leave at night, sleep, and come back the next morning. Nursing is not “most jobs.” When you're a nurse, you could be working the night shift one day, and working a day shift another day. It really does a number on your circadian rhythm. Once you get a big girl job, you'd think you'd have a more consistent schedule, going in the same time every week and getting used to the admittedly strange hours you need to work. If you're a…
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cooking, medicine, rural, chinese, weird, tutorial, interesting, tiktok

Perplexing Ox Horn Preparation Video Has Viewers Reporting Hallucinatory Experience

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tifu, feet, stinky, ob-gyn, doctor, birth control, funny, funny story

Stinky Feet And Slippery Floors Ruin One Woman’s Impromptu OB-GYN Appointment

People who work in the medical field see all sorts of crazy things on a daily basis. There’s nothing weirder than bodies and how people act about them, but it doesn’t stop a trip to the doctor’s office feeling like an awkward situation. This is doubly true when it comes to an appointment dealing with the body parts you’d be arrested for exposing in public. This can be nerve wracking even when you know what’s coming, let alone if you’re presented with an unexpected checkup with the OB-GYN like R…
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Funny memes about having ADHD

ADHD Memes For the Woefully Afflicted

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medicine, doctor, medic, medical, lol, funny, funny memes, hospital

A Healthy Crop Of Medical Memes For Doctors And Medicinal Nerds

Stethoscope at the ready.
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Cringey and bad medical takes from twitter

17 Bad & Cringeworthy Medical Takes

Oh lord.
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Funny memes about nursing | The Office crying Michael Scott patient genuinely thanks and tells much they appreciate yourregularrn | Patient insists on getting out bed Also patient: glass bones

Eighteen Nurse Memes For The Brave People On The Frontlines

Thank you!
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Funny memes about healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic | Most people talking about quarantine like 'll be over soon working healthcare and briefly looking at numbers: monkey puppet side eye | charge nurse starts huddle they have some bad news about PPE memenurseofficial nalmemecine Oplain film.medical.memes Hey all cool cats and kittens NETFLIX. carol baskin tiger king

Twenty-Two Gratitude-Filled Memes For The Tired Healthcare Workers

We can't thank you all enough!
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