A compilation of memes about nursing for nurses

Hilarious Nursing Memes For Nurses By Nurses

Nurses are one of the most undervalued professions. Any position that got an outpour of support for a couple of months in 2020 and then quickly got thrown under the bus deserves our utmost respect. Sure, nurses got claps on the streets of New York during the height of the pandemic, but they deal with so much daily they deserve claps yesterday, today, and for the foreseeable future. If there's one thing that nurses have, it's a sense of humor about all of the absurd situations thrown their way d…
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Funny memes about healtchare workers, relatable

Spicy & Relatable Memes For Healthcare Workers

It's been a pretty rough couple of years for people who work in healthcare . And even that is an understatement. Thousands of people are still dying from Covid-19 every day, and we don't hear anyone cheering for healthcare workers at 7pm. Gone is the banging on pots and pans. Gone are the discounts for much-needed lunches. It's as though people have forgotten the heroes who help people who need it every day - and not just during a pandemic. Before and after our current crisis, we know that tire…
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Funny memes about healthcare system

Funny & Frustrated Memes Healthcare Workers Will Relate To

We are not worthy
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Woman Discovers Bead That Was Stuck in Her Nose for 20 Years

Literally lived in her head rent free
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Funny twitter thread reveals the scary nature of fetal MRIs, pregnancy, WTF, cringe, medical

Cursed Thread Reveals the Nightmare of Fetal MRIs

Dear God
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Guy Flees Ambulance, Prompts Speculation And Jokes

No healthcare for you sir.
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A Healthy Crop Of Medical Memes For Doctors And Medicinal Nerds

Stethoscope at the ready.
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Cringey and bad medical takes from twitter

17 Bad & Cringeworthy Medical Takes

Oh lord.
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Funny memes about nurses | South Park Nurses on their days off during pandemic memenurseofficial Syrah Merfot Sepzan Hove not having glass wine having six s called tasting and 's classy | Nurses been using same N95s 13 shifts straight. Can order more? This is really unsafe. Hospital CEOS: ED @realtalknursing @refreshmentsandnarcoticsrn HREE HUH HA man in a crown holding money

Fifteen Nurse Memes For The True Heroes

You deserve these memes, and so much more!
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Funny memes about nursing | The Office crying Michael Scott patient genuinely thanks and tells much they appreciate yourregularrn | Patient insists on getting out bed Also patient: glass bones

Eighteen Nurse Memes For The Brave People On The Frontlines

Thank you!
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Funny memes about healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic | Most people talking about quarantine like 'll be over soon working healthcare and briefly looking at numbers: monkey puppet side eye | charge nurse starts huddle they have some bad news about PPE memenurseofficial nalmemecine Oplain film.medical.memes Hey all cool cats and kittens NETFLIX. carol baskin tiger king

Twenty-Two Gratitude-Filled Memes For The Tired Healthcare Workers

We can't thank you all enough!
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american healthcare memes, health insurance memes | Please help him, he's dying does he have insurance tho Pokemon Pikachu nurse Joy | Jason O. Gilbert O @gilbertjasono traveled all over this great country and Americans are clear: They love finishing up their 14-hour shifts Amazon warehouse by driving until sunrise Uber all so they can afford single vial Insulin

17 American Healthcare Memes That'll Remind You To Never Ever Get Sick

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Twitter thread from Faheem Younus about common coronavirus myths, covid-19 | Faheem Younus, MD O @FaheemYounus COVID Myth-busting Thread: To0 many myths floating around. Here's part 2. 1/10: Avoid shipped packages/gas pumps/shopping carts/ATMS or die. Wrong. Coronavirus surface survival is one thing surface causing an infection is another. Wash hands; live life 3:41 PM 3/22/20 Twitter Web App | 2/10 can catch COVID-19 ordering takeout food/Chinese food or packaging food Wrong. COVID-19 is

Doctor Clears Up Some More Coronavirus Misconceptions On Twitter

Knowledge is power.
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Informative Twitter thread about how hospitals are unprepared for covid-19 coronavirus outbreak, lack of supplies, medical | Evan Siegfried @evansiegfried Friend mine is nurse at major NYC hospital. Texted her see she's doing with pandemic she had say terrifying. First, she is trained blood pathology, but her whole department has been shifted Coronavirus response. 1/6 They're dangerously short on supplies. Her entire floor, roughly 30 people given two boxes masks total 100 hospital has told them

Chilling Twitter Thread Describes The Dire Situation At NYC Hospitals

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Interesting and depressing Twitter thread about insurance companies profit-motives during the coronavirus epidemic | Wendell Potter @wendellpotter WORD WISE During this coronavirus crisis, keep an eye on every move my old industry: health insurers. Behind PR spin, they will be doing everything they can deny care maintain profits, while making look like they're heroes. Here's look 1/10)

Ex-Insurance VP Unmasks The Sleaziness Of Insurance Companies During COVID-19

Well this is sobering.
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Funny memes about the medical field, doctors, hospitals | Normal sick people stay home People with Coronavirus: Diseases brought diseases | My health insurance company checking see if have coverage woman playing solitaire on her computer behind a counter while a busy line waits for her

Fourteen Medical Memes That Probably Won't Distract From Coronavirus

But at least they *are* funny!
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