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'Her circle must think she's a failure to earn less than her husband': Man tells wealthy wife's snooty friends he makes more money than her after being called a gold digger

She needs to stand up for him
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Uncle Calls His Brother's 16-Year-Old Stepdaughter 'Not Gorgeous' After Calling His Niece 'Gorgeous'

He's the bad guy
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Lactose Intolerant Lady Schools Busybody On Why She Ordered Oat Milk in Her Coffee

She gave him more than he bargained for
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Scorned Twitter Users Share the Times They Realized That a Friend Hated Them

People who can't be trusted
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Boyfriend Makes Childish Card to Apologize to his Girlfriend For Saying She's "Not That Pretty"

He's not very smart
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People Share Big Indicators That Someone is a Bad Person

Red flags everywhere
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The Cringiest Parenting Texts of the Week (August 15, 2023)

You know what they say about insane parents , can't live with them, can't live without them despite your best effort to rid them from your life. There's no perfect parent-and-child relationship. Even the best families still have hiccups now and then. There are a lot of lucky people out there with some of the best, most sane parents imaginable. And that's incredible! But we're not here to talk about you guys, sorry. Some of us have been cursed with the most deranged parents imaginable. I can per…
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Woman Makes Fun of Couple For Looking Nerdy, Twitter Users Come to Their Defense

Every day in NYC, I am afraid that someone with 17K Twitter followers will take a picture of me on the subway, say I look lame, and get 100K likes. This is not an unfounded fear in the slightest because it literally happens all the time. Adult bullies who need to put others down to feel superior will record strangers minding their own business in public and ridicule them so that they can get a couple of measly likes on an app run by a tyrant. What a world we're living in on the place formerly k…
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The Most Insane Parenting Texts of the Week (July 26, 2023)

Talk about taking it too far
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Miserable Karen Berates Waiter Over a Side of Butter

Karens have been around long before we labeled them as Karens. A lot of boomers don't like the Karen label (usually because they display some Karen tendencies themselves), but boomers can't deny that the term Karen serves a specific and useful linguistic function. There didn't use to be a concise word to describe an entitled, impatient, cruel, boomer white woman who drives everyone up the wall. The absolute worst thing about Karens is the self-centeredness they seem to all possess. They perceiv…
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Cruel Stepfather Refuses To Celebrate His 17-Year-Old Nonverbal Stepson's First Words

It's normal not to feel the same emotions as your partner while reacting to the same situation. Being in a relationship doesn't automatically make you the same person. However, it's important to recognize and notice when something is important to your partner and react appropriately. If your wife says Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is her favorite movie, it's probably best not to call her an uncultured fool for even considering that trash to be one of the best movies of all time. If your…
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Bad people from the r/iamatotalpieceofshit subreddit, funny, yikes, fail, cringe | Dear Waitress sorry, but won't be looking eye today, because then have endure nose piercing, and piercings on ears, and those giant hoops make look like central Africa circa 500 AD think look disgusting, and don't want see tattoos either. Why don't quit marking yourself up and piercing yourself as if have low self- esteem while trying disguise as some sort style is lowest class style can go my book. Just bring my

Bad People Who Could Use a Double Dose Of Karma

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Article about a waiter who made a TikTok exposing a Karen for her rude behavior and coming into the resturant right before closing

Waiter Exposes Rude Karen Who Came Into Restaurant Minutes Before Closing

I find nothing more baffling than customers who insist on staying at a restaurant after it has closed. I have been mopping the floors of an eating establishment around families sitting at the table just talking and carrying on. It's people like these who make me grateful that I at least have the decency and social skills not to behave the way they do. One TikToker has dedicated his page to documenting frustrating situations like this. Dean Redmond posts videos divulging the juicy and frustratin…
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20+ Cringey 'Nice Girls' Who Are Blind To Their Own Entitlement

Very toxic content ahead
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It's A Trap!

"When someone who's normally mean pays you a compliment and you're not sure if you should say thank you or fuck you"
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Tweet that reads, "Take a minute of your day to be nice to someone you dumb son of a bitch"
Via Darkbutterflies
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