Mean People

Article about a waiter who made a TikTok exposing a Karen for her rude behavior and coming into the resturant right before closing

Waiter Exposes Rude Karen Who Came Into Restaurant Minutes Before Closing

I find nothing more baffling than customers who insist on staying at a restaurant after it has closed. I have been mopping the floors of an eating establishment around families sitting at the table just talking and carrying on. It's people like these who make me grateful that I at least have the decency and social skills not to behave the way they do. One TikToker has dedicated his page to documenting frustrating situations like this. Dean Redmond posts videos divulging the juicy and frustratin…
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Bad people from the r/iamatotalpieceofshit subreddit, funny, yikes, fail, cringe | Dear Waitress sorry, but won't be looking eye today, because then have endure nose piercing, and piercings on ears, and those giant hoops make look like central Africa circa 500 AD think look disgusting, and don't want see tattoos either. Why don't quit marking yourself up and piercing yourself as if have low self- esteem while trying disguise as some sort style is lowest class style can go my book. Just bring my

Bad People Who Need A Double Dose Of Karma

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mean people, nice girls, reddit, text messages, cringe, wtf, relationships, entitled, toxic, relationships, funny texts, instagram, social media | glad are ok with body but maybe person get into relationship with isn't. She says she is but she would really like be on beach with her buff man showing his gorgeous body but she can't not saying this upset just food thought think are wonderful young man. | going speak calmly as everything say is taken wrong way. Yes use caps lock maybe little too

20+ Cringey 'Nice Girls' Who Are Blind To Their Own Entitlement

Very toxic content ahead
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It's A Trap!

"When someone who's normally mean pays you a compliment and you're not sure if you should say thank you or fuck you"
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Tweet that reads, "Take a minute of your day to be nice to someone you dumb son of a bitch"
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Well, That Just Seems Mean...

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No One Cares About Customer Service

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