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'Mean Girls' Movie Musical Trailer Calls Millennials Old And Inspires Copious Meme Fodder

Twitter had many thoughts
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'It's October 3rd': 30+ Mean Girls Memes to Celebrate the Fetch-tastic Movie That We Still Can't Stop Quoting

no but seriously, is butter a carb?
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Woman Makes Fun of Couple For Looking Nerdy, Twitter Users Come to Their Defense

Every day in NYC, I am afraid that someone with 17K Twitter followers will take a picture of me on the subway, say I look lame, and get 100K likes. This is not an unfounded fear in the slightest because it literally happens all the time. Adult bullies who need to put others down to feel superior will record strangers minding their own business in public and ridicule them so that they can get a couple of measly likes on an app run by a tyrant. What a world we're living in on the place formerly k…
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Gen-Z employees epically burn millennial co-worker during team meeting with questions about early 90's-2000's pop culture

Millennial Employee Shares the Downright HURTFUL Things His Gen Z Co-Workers Have Said to Him During Meetings

If they don't get your 'Mean Girls' quote, they're too young for you.
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Redditors Discuss The Qualities of People Who Peaked in High School

I have the type of anxiety that makes me worried that I peaked in high school , even though I know I had a horrible time. My high school years had some positive moments, but my life got exponentially better once I graduated and moved far away from anyone I knew. There are some moments from high school I still think about, like my Senior prom , which was almost Carrie -esque in how traumatic it was, but that's a story for another day. Five years out from high school, I'm sitting pretty, knowing…
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A compilation of funny and random memes

Terrible Memes To Peruse On Opposite Day

Did you know that Opposite Day isn't a national holiday or even an unofficial holiday? That is an outrage. Silly little holidays are happening daily without fail, so why can't a day devoted to switcharoos get the 24 hours it deserves? My birthday is World Rabies Day , and that's a much lamer of holiday than Opposite Day could ever be. According to Wikipedia, it's a game played by children with no actual calendar date. If Opposite Day were real, then we adults wouldn't have to go to work that da…
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A compilation of Mean Girls themed memes for Mean Girls day on October 3rd

Mean Girls Memes To Celebrate October 3rd

Is there any teen comedy more influential than Mean Girls ? This movie came out in 2004, and we are still celebrating it to this day. Mean Girls is timeless, and it seems to understand what it's like to be a teenager far better than most movies of any era. The quotability of the movie sends it over the edge from simply iconic to full-blown legendary status. You go, Glenn Coco; Stop trying to make fetch happen; That's why her hair is so big, it's full of secrets; I'm a mouse, duh; Get in, loser,…
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An article about Twitter users discussing which character from the movie Mean Girls (2004) was the meanest

People Debate Which Character From Mean Girls Was The Meanest

There is no teen comedy more beloved than Tina Fey's Mean Girls . The 80s had Heathers , the 90s had Clueless , and the 2010s had uhhhh Booksmart ? Edge of Seventeen ??? The downturn of good teen comedies in the 2010s proves that Mean Girls reigns supreme. It's one of the only movies that timelessly captures the emotional turmoil that teenage girls experience daily, and for that, we will forever be grateful. While some might assume that the titular mean girls refer to the plastics, there are so…
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Millennials Compare Their Awkward-Fugly-Braces Middle School Era to Middle School Gen-Z’s Perfect Make-up Tutorials and Viral Dance Trend Phase and It’s Not Pretty

Millennials Compare Their Awkward-Fugly-Braces Middle School Era to Middle School Gen-Z’s Perfect Make-up Tutorials and Viral Dance Trend Phase and It’s Not Pretty

Not a single Limited Too t-shirt in sight…
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A compilation of random memes, tweets, and tumblr posts.

Lethargic Memes To Curl Up With

Are you tired? Do you want to go back to bed? Are you a sleepy baby who doesn't want to go to your pathetic little job? Well, you don't have to! After all, you're a baby, with no responsibilities or bills or cleaning or anything to do except for consuming media. In fact, it looks like you're on the fast track to becoming an iPad baby. Do you know what an iPad baby is, you ignorant infant? An iPad baby is a gross toddler who can't look away from their filth-encrusted tablet for one second, even…
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It Was Probably Cady Heron

Funny tweet that reads, "Was someone eating a sandwich in this stall???" above a photo of a packet of mayonnaise in a bathroom stall
Via anlyin
memes about periods and menstruation

Eighteen Bloody Hilarious Period Memes For The Ladies

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Alexa Hears All

Funny tweet that reads, "Just got to the part in Mean Girls where they're doing their apologies and one girl says, 'Alexa, I'm sorry I called you a gap-toothed bitch' and my Amazon Alexa said 'no worries.'"
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Fetch 'Mean Girls' Memes To Celebrate October 3rd

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Whatever, I'm Getting Cheese Fries

Caption that reads, "Me: I really wanna lose three pounds; Also me: ..." above a pic of a guy eating a giant pizza
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18 Taylor Swift Memes You'll Only Find In Your 'Wildest Dreams'

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