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39 Memes for Individuals Looking for an Ounce of Entertainment

Happy Wednesday meme lovers and web denizens! We're back again for a midweek treat in the form of a few dozen funny images ! If you're a half-glass-full kind of person, maybe you love Wednesdays. At that halfway point in the work week, just a few more hours until you're over halfway to the weekend. Maybe you're a more pessimistic individual and you're dissatisfied because you're ONLY halfway through the week. Personally, I have no opinion on Wednesdays. They are thoroughly average in my book. L…
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Time Travel Is Real

Funny Memes, Dank Memes, Hilarious Memes, Silly Memes, Texting Memes, Silly Memes | then Than Wednesday what you corrected yourself before u texted it Person I have many abilities, some considered to be unnatural. 2 hours ago i wish travel was possible REPLY
Via u/tatswa
Funny dank memes about 'Pajama Guy' which stemmed from the subreddit /r/Me_IRL | stock photo of man in grey pajamas holding a pillow: My school is having meme day where can dress like meme r/me_irl, please make this image meme so can wear pajamas. drakeposting: Using drake meme: Using this guy so u/ ItsaMeHibob24 can wear pjs school:

'Pajama Guy' Is A Bizarre Meme Taking Reddit By Storm

This Redditor just REALLY wanted to wear pajamas to school.
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Oh Look It's Me

Funny meme that reads, "Every time I stay home I'd rather be out but every time I go out I'd rather be home" above a still of Homer Simpson looking sad at the bar
Via LeoSenior

My Life In A Nutshell

Funny tweet that reads, "Took me eleven minutes to do that thing I've been avoiding for three months: a memoir"
Via AshleighPopplewell350

Oh Look It's Me

Cute meme of a guy representing "my crush" holding a dog, which represents "not me" with a sad cat in the background that represents "me"
Via ToBeanOrNotToBean
Funny and relatable memes

Uber-Relatable Memes That Spoke To Us

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Funny memes about being single

Single Memes For Those Not Taken (17 Memes)

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Funny meme where person 1 texts, "You hate so many people," and person 2 replies, "Yeah, it's not hard"
Via MetaPathos

Oh Look It's Me

Funny tweet that reads, "If you think I'm flirting with you, I'm just being friendly. If you think I'm weird and I make you uncomfortable, then I'm probably flirting with you"
Via Kingrablo


Caption that reads, "Him: I bet you get hella DMs; My DMs: ..." above an Instagram screenshot of a message that reads, "Hello, I was wondering if you can marry me so I can gain access to America..."
Via meowmeowmix

Always On Autopilot

Tweet that reads, "Do you ever drive like a solid five minutes while thinking about something incredibly random and stupid and then you're like were any of those lights I passed green, how did I get here WTF"
Via Beautifulbeard

So Relatable

Drakepost where the top panel represents folders with rational names like "Wedding photos" and "Summer 2019 videos" above pic of some folders with weird names like, "aaahhhwww"
Via Alphactory

Finally It's In Words

Tweet that reads, "A guy in class got called on to answer a question and after a short pause he says 'Hang on, I'm not dumb I'm just panicking.' I felt that. The guy next to me felt that. Your mom felt that. The world felt that"
Via infuhmusj

It's Called Fashion Sweaty, Look It Up

Caption that reads, "Y'all ever just say 'fuck it' and ride the subway with a piece of lettuce on your head?" above a pic of a woman on a bus with lettuce on her head
Via CringeCreator

Whatever, Do Your Thing Computer

Tweet that reads, "Computer: save this image as [arbitrary long number]? Me: yea"
Via FranO-
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