Boxing Fans Walk Away From Mayweather vs. Paul Fight Disappointed as Fighters Walk Away With Millions

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul walked away from last night's exhibition even richer as millions of fans who paid $49.99 a pop for the pay-per-view spectacle expressed disappointment after watching an 8-round hug fest. 

Fans who expected a real fight probably should have looked up the exhibition match rules. There were never going to be any results, as there are no judges in an exhibition fight. And the prospect of 155-pound Money Mayweather knocking out the 189.5-pound YouTuber was always pretty unlikely, despite Logan Paul haters hoping for such an outcome. It became pretty clear to everyone watching that the fight was always the money-printing machine it was intended to be, which left fans coping the only way they know how: through memes.

We've collected some of our favorite Twitter reactions to the 'legalized bank robbery,' as Money Mayweather so eloquently put it. 

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