Mexicans Mexicanize "White People" Food with Hilarious Spanish Translations

Mexicans Mexicanize "White People" Food with Hilarious Spanish Translations

Pigs in a blanket? Oh, you mean salchichitas con fríos!
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Funny stock photo memes from Instagram account 'Middle Class Fancy' | Nance buys Zesty Italian dressing instead regular Italian Nance know stuff gives tummy ache middleclassfancy | first guy ever have crispy boy probably like drew scanlon white guy blinking

'Middle Class Fancy' Nuggs For Those Who Think Mayonnaise Is Too Spicy

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Just No

Funny tweet that reads, "Why do I even bother shopping at Walmart anymore" above a photo of a product called "Mayonster" mayonnaise and monster drink
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It Was Probably Cady Heron

Funny tweet that reads, "Was someone eating a sandwich in this stall???" above a photo of a packet of mayonnaise in a bathroom stall
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Mayo Makes The Midwest Go Round

Funny meme about mayo salads and midwesterners.
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Few Have Considered This

Tweet that reads, "Someone in this world has consumed more mayonnaise than anyone else currently alive and they don't even know it"
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Your Wish Has Been Granted!

Someone posts a video entitled, "Harold chugs mayonnaise for 10 hours straight;" someone comments below, "I'm begging you to make a 20-hour version. I hate clicking repeat every 10 hours;" original poster of the video publishes said video
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funny hysterical headline millennial memes

14 Hysterical Headlines That Prove Millennials Are Killing Basically Every Industry

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millennials killing mayo

Millennials Are Killing Mayo, According To Sour Old People

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It's A Nice Day For A White Wedding

Funny meme about white wedding.
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The Hell is an Artisanal Mayo Shop and Why Would You Go There?

artisanal mayo review
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Now That's Just Nasty

mayonnaise windex vodka gatorade - 7802241024
Created by spartan117andSully

Because Delicious

mayonnaise merica america bacon - 8456251904

What the Actual...

copy machine toner mayonnaise low - 6674993152
Created by jtcaseley1


eww gross mayonnaise Terrifying - 5196189696
Created by BasseFunch


eww hilarious mayonnaise sandwich - 5993811456
Created by xyzpdq1
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