Har Har Har

Funny meme that reads, "I support farming, I guess you could say I'm..." above an image of a protractor
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It's A Fine Line

Funny meme about someone who is smart enough to know that they're awkward, but not smart enough to know how to stop being awkward
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Yeaaah It's Not The Calculator's Fault

Funny tweet that reads, "The first time I took the ACT my calculator wouldn't turn on so I got a 13 in math, the next time I took it I had a working calculator and still got a 13 in math"
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Funny Loki meme about parallel lines never meeting one another
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Damn Corporate America

Tweet that reads, "Pi Day is just a fake holiday created by math companies to sell more math"
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Sorry For Being A Dumb Dumb

Panel showing Mike from Monster's Inc. not understanding something that's being explained to him; someone on Tumblr comments below that it is similar to being explained to them in math class
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Now Find X

Caption that reads, "Things I don't understand - venn diagrams" above a pic of a Venn diagram that's been made completely incorrectly
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'...BODY Once Told Me'

Caption that reads, "Math teacher says 'sum;' Me: ..." above a pic of the kid with veins popping out of his neck sitting in class and Smash Mouth photoshopped into his brain
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Guess Again

Funny meme about math class, the 90s.
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'Hold Me Back Bro'

Pic of a math equation where the answer is 'sin' above a pic of of people trying to hold Jesus back while they're telling him to calm down
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