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9th grade class boycotts the state Algebra exam required for graduation, responds with apathy when teachers threaten to call their parents: 'I don't care'

Are the kids alright?
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'STEM majors when people don't immediately consider them superior': Math student gets 'ew'ed on dating app for mentioning math, gets roasted for being upset

We don't act like this with any other subjects
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Pi Day Memes For Math Fans Who Can Count Beyond 3.14

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"I would lose my mind here": Incompetent teacher claims 1 divided by 0 is zero, principal backs her up on incorrect answer

They deserve an F
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Student Memes For High Schoolers Trying to Survive Monday

School days, school days
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Stupid Dad Claims Math Education Should End In Middle School After Not Understanding His Kid's Algebra Homework

Anti-intellectualism at it's finest
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Pi Day Memes For Nerds Who Celebrate Pi Day

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14 Functional Math Memes For The Algebros

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Sorry For Being A Dumb Dumb

Panel showing Mike from Monster's Inc. not understanding something that's being explained to him; someone on Tumblr comments below that it is similar to being explained to them in math class
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'...BODY Once Told Me'

Caption that reads, "Math teacher says 'sum;' Me: ..." above a pic of the kid with veins popping out of his neck sitting in class and Smash Mouth photoshopped into his brain
Via chimrichaldsphd

Guess Again

Funny meme about math class, the 90s.
Via @memebase

'Hold Me Back Bro'

Pic of a math equation where the answer is 'sin' above a pic of of people trying to hold Jesus back while they're telling him to calm down
Via saank7

This Always Happens

Caption that gives out a bunch of random math test answers that all look similar; person gets "Abraham Lincoln" as an answer on their calculator above a pic of a little kid looking frustrated
Via hippygoesdippy

Who Writes These Questions...

Caption that reads, "That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works" above a pic of a math question that reads, "An orchestra of 120 players takes 40 minutes to play Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. How long would it take for 60 players to play the Symphony? Let P be number of players and T the time playing"
Via hachille

Uh Oh

Caption that reads, "You know when you in an exam, and you see everyone using a ruler and you don't know what the ruler is for" above pics of a guy looking sad
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Caption that reads, "You aren't always gonna have a calculator in your pocket! - Lying-ass '90s teachers" above a pic of a guy making the Spongebob mocking face
Via goofygoofygoofygooberrock
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