Would You Watch This Crossover Show?

mashup creepy - 7042512640

Jango Unchained

mashup star wars - 6941036800
Created by thenameless1 ( Via Alicia Rose Bane )

Angry Cats

cool mashup family guy gifs Caturday Cats - 6887773696
Created by herman
mashup review youtube gangnam style Music FAILS - 45840129

Mashup of the Day: Rewind YouTube Style

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Almost Perfect Form

yikes mashup gifs shark - 6827458304
Via Peetaah

West Side Toy Story

mashup toy story movies - 6805487872
Created by Acevedismos ( Via Frikimalismo )

Every Darn Time!

taken Pokémon mashup professor oak Memes - 6772676352
Created by Chafuter

Straight From the Disney/Lucas Film Vault...

george lucas disney shoop mashup trap similar sounding juxtaposition missing letter - 6736393216

Right on Target

headshot mashup FAIL gifs Balloons sniper - 6738541312
Via Reddit

That's Why Suarez Keeps Trippin'...

soccer FAIL mashup makes sense - 6658934528
Created by ToolBee

You Don't Genius

you dont say genius mashup - 6672637952
Created by Unknown
mashup Skyrim the elder scrolls - 43263233

Pirates of Skyrim Mashup of the Day

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And He's Okay!

combination literalism mashup portmanteau - 6618993408
Via Gemma Correll
Ann Romney Awkward compilation mashup Mitt Romney Video - 42183937

Those Awkward Mitt Romney Moments

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He's Got the Election in the Bag

2012 barack obama election mashup Mitt Romney - 6552568064

Thank God This is Not a Real Thing That is Real

fake mashup shoop - 6519588096
Via Reddit