mashed potatoes

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Memes & Tweets For When There's Nothing Else To Do

They won't bite.
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Potatoes Are True Love

Funny meme that shows a guy who represents "me" hugging a woman who represents "potatoes in literally every form"
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Funny Twitter story about a guy who builds a Cybertruck out of mashed potatoes

Dude Builds Masterful Cybertruck Out Of Mashed Potatoes

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cover image about thanksgiving

15 Cynical Thanksgiving Memes That'll Give You A Break From All The Family Drama

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It's The Perfect Opportunity

Tweet that reads, "[Argument at family dinner] Wife: *Whispers to me* Don't start taking sides this time; Me: Why not? *Sliding roast potatoes in pocket* They're too busy yelling to notice"
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PSA To All Puppers

Caption that reads, "The pre-Thanksgiving talk" above a pic of a German shepherd giving his son a pep-talk, saying, "Look, when the family comes over for Thanksgiving, it's literally going to be raining food. People drop things, peas roll off plates, gravy drips, things happen. So stay alert!
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you suck at cooking mashed potatoes Video - 77498625

How to Use Mashed Potatoes to Craft an Apology

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Zuckerberg Note Pass: Mashed Potatoes

bomb facebook mashed potatoes zuckerberg - 4671810048
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