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Nightmarish Mascots for Halifax Oyster Festival Prompt Horror & Jokes

They have so many eyes...
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Mascots Are Posting Hilarious And Weirdly Motivational Selfies

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Suck It, Lakers!

nba gifs los angeles lakers mascots basketball - 8090677248
Created by Unknown

All Aboard to the Video Game Graveyard

Sad mega man bubsy mascots video games web comics - 8291643136
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False Start, Defense!

gifs mascots football - 8277000960

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

90s mascots video games sonic bubsy - 8243924480
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McDonalds' New Happy Meal Mascot is Terrifying

happy meal McDonald's mascots - 8202399232

There Aren't Enough Video Game Mascots That Aren't HUMAN These Days

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Mascot Jumps From a 20 Foot to Deliver a Dunk

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Created by Unknown

Well Played, ASD...

high school mascots school - 8122928640

A Mascot Gets Beheaded

FAIL gifs soccer mascots fall - 8090707200
Created by Unknown

ClarkTotally Looks Like Kit Cloudkicker

bears totally looks like mascots - 8003370240
Created by TheTimmyC

Always Go for the Win!

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Utah Jazz Bear Gets Revenge on a Fan Who Poured Beer Over His Head

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New Raiders Mascot Totally Looks Like The Horseless Headsman

wtf totally looks like mascots funny - 7858735104
Created by rg350dx

Photobombing the Bird

photobomb mascots - 7829838336
Via bubblez543
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