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Dublin Waitstaff Instigate Fight, Impress The Internet With Their Expert Moves

Not something you see in every restaurant.
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martial arts karate Video - 75659265

That Adorable Karate Kid Was on Britain's Got Talent

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This Little Girl Doesn't F*ck Around, Watch Her Go Hard in This Katana Demonstration

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Surrender Now, I Don't Want to Charm You

dancing web comics Surrender Now, I Don't Want to Charm You
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Sexy Ladies martial arts - 3364705280
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Judo Solves Arguments Rapidly

gifs throws martial arts judo - 8561551872
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Ju Don't Just Go Around Asking to Be Thrown

gifs throws martial arts judo - 8562953216
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That's What You Get For Making Fun of My Man-Bun

hair gifs martial arts fighting - 8558976256
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Skills! WIN!

water bottle martial arts win - 8435133952
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4 Year Old Kid Breaks a Board

gifs kids martial arts cute win - 8549793024

What Ticked Him Off?

scary martial arts lion wild - 8127316736
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martial arts Video win - 72560641

16 Year Old Girl Destroys Boys at the Park With Brazillian Jiu Jitsu

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Yeah Gurl, I Got Dat Yellow Belt

self defense martial arts trolltube Video - 70767617

It's Always Good to Learn Self-Defense... Just Not From These Guys

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Shadow Boxer

mindwarp gifs mirrors punching martial arts - 8480239872
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hilarious martial arts - 4948624640
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