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Funny memes, random memes, married memes, marriage memes | Jimmy Fallon Ignores a Cheerleader: Overflowing garbage can My wife. couple in a hot tub: my husband and finally get some alone time, but humans created barge OH SURPRISE!

Memes And Pics That Totally Nail Married Life

Ah, the joys of having a ball and chain.
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funny tweets, relatable tweets, twitter memes, jokes, comedy, self-deprecating, married life, marriage tweets | SMadimoiselle @drivingmemadi my boyfriend and go Taco Bell do want ask him baja blast? no. he gets down on one knee want something will baja last. will marry they ring taco bell live happily ever after mas. | Pessimus Prime @BigJDubz Picasso dn but joke got about 's messed Translate Tweet 8:05 AM 2020-08-14 Twitter Android 197 Retweets and comments 737 Likes

Excellent Tweets For Quality Procrastination

Entertainment in 280 characters or less.
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Funny pictures from a book called the married kama sutra, parody of kama sutra that focuses on relatable issues in marriage | mAN And woman are at dinner with another married couple whose problems are even worse than their own, and they squeeze each other's hands under table, and flash each other's grins superiority is called Perverse Lovebirds. toddler is at grandmother's, and man and woman have plans go out, but decide instead drug themselves with Ambien at 7:30 pm because all they truly crave

'The Married Kama Sutra' Is A Comedically Unsexy Look At Real Relationships

Some of these are a little too real.
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Funny tweets about being married, husbands, wives, marriage memes.

Amusing Tweets That Describe The Ups And Downs Of Marriage

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Funny memes, funny tweets,  meme about a car with the license plate that says 'jolene' don't take my van, meme about husband cleaning dishwasher.

31 Assorted Memes Of Dubious Quality

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