Twitter thread about you ex texting you to say i am dating someone better than you, people come up with 3 word comebacks for the sentiment

Twitter Users Imagine Slaying Their Exes With Just 3 Words

We're all in search of the perfect comeback.
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Funny memes and tweets about Bill and Melinda Gates' divorce

The Best Memes About Bill & Melinda Gates' Divorce

Mamma mia
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memes, relationships, reddit, marriage, cheaters, emotional dating, divorce, dreams, reddit, thread, wtf, cringe | So confessed. About all At first she joking but she realized serious, she accused cheating on her and told her mom and sisters who are calling cheating weirdo. She even threatened tell my ex so she'll know fucking loser am. Now get s not anything woman would want hear, but 's not like physically cheated don't want lose my wife, but don't think she can forgive this. Tl:dr live an

Man Confesses To Wife That He Lives A Double Life With First Love In His Dreams

She wants a divorce
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ask men, women, men, relationships, marriage, reddit thread, funny, funny comments, daydreaming, psychology, memes, what's he thinking, wholesome

Men Share What They're Really Thinking When Their Partners Ask Them

Sometimes it really is 'nothing'
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Funny excerpts from 1958 mccall's magazine about how to find a husband | 129 ways get husband Continued page 29 14 Be nice everybody-they may have an eligible brother or son. 15 Get government job overseas. 16 Volunteer jury duty. 17 Be friendly ugly men-hand- some is as handsome does. 18 Tell friends are terested getting married. Don't keep secret. 19 Get lost at football games. 20 Don't take job company run largely by women.

Vintage Mag Offers Insight On The Husband-Hunting Tactics Of Yore

Things were...different back in the day.
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It Me

Funny meme about being insecure on wedding day, bride texting groom "are we still on for today"
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couples trolling each other | My husband travels work. He gave this sol am never really alone woman holding towel with man's photo printed on it | asked my girlfriend pencils with my name on them Hashtag McYoloSwag

Couples Who Mastered The Ancient Art Of Trolling

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Funny twitter meme: a relationship should be 50/50, dating, relatable | Jodi Arias OnlyFans @saintknives a relationship should be 50/50. your partner rejects all of your tv show suggestions, you reject all of their tv show suggestions.

'A Relationship Should Be 50/50' Tweets Poke Fun At Dating Dynamics

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Funny random memes, stupid memes, relatable memes, simpsons memes, hannibal burress, stupid memes, parenting memes | Therapist: You should really avoid using alcohol to cope with emotional trauma. Me: lean in my cereal | Do you remember how TinkerBell would nearly die everytime she didn't get enough attention? Well this is me now

Relatable Memes To Keep People Distracted

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Funny tweets and response to TikTok McDonald's proposal | person in a face mask kneeling down in a fast food restaurant | Laughing Leo DiCaprio when he have time to make the heart rose petals

TikTok McDonald's Proposal Is A Perfect Example Of Wholesome Cringe

Love...uh...finds a way?
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Such A Dad Move

Funny Twitter meme that reads, "My dad had other ideas..." above photos of a proposal and the woman's dad standing in the background with a sign that reads, "Say no"
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Funny and relatable relationship memes, dating memes, memes about love, spongebob memes, boyfriend memes, girlfriend memes | annoying my partner as soon as they wake up | swole doge vs cheems my gf also my gf a young strong independent woman can take care herself where are my morning cuddles and coffee. Im too weak get up

Relationship Memes To Send To Your Special Someone

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Funny and relatable tweets from lockdown | Cydni Beer @cydbeer "Quarantine has brought us closer together than ever been before My Thighs

Fresh Tweets That Reflect These Crazy Times

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Funny web comics featuring candy hearts, dark humor, tommy siegel, relationships, dating, love, marriage. | HALF- LISTENING AND PLANNING WILL SAY ABOUT IS TALK ABOUT MYSELF TIME MYSELF loay | IM DRUNBK BORED

These Candy Heart Comics Are A Depressingly Real Look At Dating & Relationships

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A Blessing

Funny tweet about marriage Pakalu Papito @pakalupapitow for those wedding cancelled during this lockdown god is giving u second chance to think about it
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Marriage memes, sex, cleaing, husbands, wives | someone grabbing shaggy's shoulder from behind: my husband tries using back rub trick into sex. melissa mccarthy in bridesmaids: husband is unexpectedly home and don't want him see all clothes just bought Look away!

20 Relatable Marriage Memes For Anyone With A Ball And Chain

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