Funny tweets about being single.

28 Tweets For Anyone Who's Been Single In A Sea Of Marrieds

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Funny marriage tweets.

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parents before and after having kids

25 'Before And After Kids' Memes That'll NOPE You Right Out Of Procreating

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Who The F*ck Cutting Onions

Headline that reads, "Terri Irwin hasn't been on a date since losing Steve: 'I already had my happily ever after'" above pics of a guy crying
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I'm Out

Caption that reads, "Imagine you marry someone and find out they sleep like No. 6" above a chart of different sleeping positions, number six being very odd
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TikTok Cringe, funny divorce tiktoks.

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Can We Make This A Thing?

Funny meme about wedding tweets.
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dad jokes

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Funny meme about proposing with a vape smoke ring.
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Poor Jeff

Caption that reads, "Jeff Bezos sitting in divorce court" above a pic of a guy wearing a crown clutching a bunch of money looking afraid
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Funny tweets about marriage.

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Funny random memes, funny tweets, tumblr.

28 Memes And Tweets Designed For The Desperately Bored

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Got Your Nose!!!

Pic of someone holding a nose above a pic of a woman covering her nose while crying with happiness
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So True

Funny meme about marrying someone who wants to leave the party at the same time as you.
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Narrator: Bae Was *Not* Happy With Richard

Caption that reads, "Her: Can you just have a normal conversation with me? Him: When bae is mad AF; Her: This isn't a meme Richard" above a stock photo of a couple fighting
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