Mark Zuckerberg

Funny tweets about mark zuckerberg photos from surfing in hawaii, sunscreen | Bobby BLME Bobby19_ my therapist: mark zuckerberg with face full sunscreen and thick ass isn't real can't hurt mark zuckerberg with face full sunscreen and thick ass | Rick @Rick76_ Are sure Mark Zuckerberg isn't just shedding is summer time lizard reptilian

Mark Zuckerberg's Sunscreen Gets Roasted On Twitter

What a look.
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Zucc Has The Right Idea

Funny meme that reads, "Nobody: ... Me during Zoom video calls: ..." above a photo of Mark Zuckerberg in trial wearing Crocs
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Absolutely Shocking

Funny tweet that reads, "Kinda looks like the billionaires aren't going to save us"
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RIP Mark

Funny meme that reads, "Mark Zuckerberg: dies; People at his funeral: ..." above an image of the Facebook logo's 'F'
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Funny tweets about alexandria ocasio-cortez italian hand gestures, #italianaoc

Mamma Mia: 'Italian AOC' Memes Are Taking Over Twitter

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Can't Help Ya Bud

Funny Twitter meme about selling a TV over Facebook Marketplace
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Funny memes about mark zuckerberg, gaming, wrestling, lizard people, texting.

38 Silly Sh*tposts That'll Banish Your Boredom

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42 Stupid Sh*tposts That'll Keep You Hanging On

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Devious Facebook Aging Challenge

Twitter User Explains Why The Facebook Aging Challenge Might Actually Have Devious Motives

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26 Tasty Meme Treats That'll Kill Your Boredom

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Random funny memes

26 Assorted Memes That'll Help Stave Off The Depression

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Funny random memes

40 Delicious Meme-Treats To Satisfy Your Cravings

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It's True

Mark Zuckerberg - 9238201344
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They Were Really Cute For Five Minutes

Caption that reads, "When you drink two glasses of red wine while watching Amelie and decide to cut your own bangs" above a pic of Mark Zuckerberg in court
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No It's Art

Caption that reads, "This is truly one of the worst pieces of home decor I've ever seen" above a picture frame with an acronym made from 'Facebook'
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Dank memes for the right amount of weirdness

16 Dank Memes That Deliver The Right Amount Of Weirdness

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