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30+ Military Memes For Veterans and Active Duty Military Alike

This We'll Defend
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'Not me being dramatic': Gen Z shares what it would be like for them on the frontlines in the American military

serving 🇺🇸 while serving 💅🏼🫡
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A compilation of memes about the military and serving in the military

Military Memes to Celebrate Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day! November 11th is the day when we celebrate the men and women who have served The United States with the utmost grace and dignity. When I was in middle school, I played the songs of the branches of the military in the school band during the annual Veterans Day assembly. We played Semper Paratus, Semper Supra, Anchors Aweigh, Marines' Hymn, The Army Goes Rolling Along, and The U.S. Air Force. All of the veterans in the crowd would stand during their branches section. I mention…
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30 Snide Military Memes That You Probably Shouldn't Show Your Sergeant

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The Deadliest Weapon In The World

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Created by Omniblivion

When the Marines Go to Australia


Former Marine Buddy Said This


Selective War


All of Them

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Good Night, Chesty, Wherever You Are!

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Whose War is It Anyway?

war marines - 8362121472

So That's What That Is!

freedom military marines - 8348684288

This is Why You Shouldn't Mess With the Marines

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Sandcastle? You Mean Sandbags!

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Let's Be Honest: His Career Choice Was Sealed at Birth

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