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A list of Tweet where people react to the Oscar Nominations for the 95th annual Oscars

The Best Tweets Reacting to the 2023 Oscar Nominations

Was your favorite movie snubbed?
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A compilation of funny and random memes, images, and tweets

Enigmatic Memes That Defy Description

As time goes on, I've found there are not enough adjectives out there to describe memes adequately. Sure, memes can be funny. They can be random. They can even be dank if you will. Most memes fall into very easily describable categories when looked at individually. However, when presented with a large group of memes, that is a different story. I can't just call a huge conglomerate of memes funny across the board! Usually, at least one of those memes is not funny. To call them all “funny memes”…
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Fashionistas Don't Want Kim Kardashian Touching These Iconic Fits After The Met Gala in Pearl-Clutching New Meme

Whatever would Marilyn think?
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marilyn monroe quote meme

Twitter Is Twisting This Classic Marilyn Monroe Quote For Transformation Tuesday

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Thanks, Marilyn

Funny meme about Spongebob using a variation of Marilyn Monroe quote.
Via Dank Memes Gang

Such a Great Role Model for Young Women

vin diesel marilyn monroe image - 8989248256
Via prom-night-dumpster-baby
beer marilyn monroe commercials celeb kurt cobain Video - 59557633

This Crazy Bavarian Beer Commercial Brings 2Pac, Kurt Cobain, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, John Lennon and Bruce Lee Back to Life

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Seems Like Hard Work to Me

stamp marilyn monroe funny hard work - 3998500096
Created by videofred


makes sense marilyn monroe vampire - 6565088000
Created by Pete1146

Drawing a White Person, Naturally

art asian car dirt marilyn monroe white - 6352967680
Created by Unknown

From Glam to Horror

marilyn monroe political pictures - 6206755840
See all captions Created by beernbiccies

The Universe Has Imploded

marilyn monroe political pictures - 6210829568
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Listen to Marilyn

beauty fat marilyn monroe Memes society thinspo ugly what - 6036743168
Created by carla

Jennifer Lopez 2012 Oscars Totally Looks Like Marilyn Monroe

fashion funny jennifer lopez marilyn monroe oscars TLL - 5898829312
Created by ichc.brian

Me Popsta

marilyn monroe me gusta - 5769761024
Created by Thefamousgoat

Modern Technology Is Amazing

marilyn monroe political pictures - 5702822144
See all captions Created by DJAussie
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