This week's most bizarre, weird and funny news headldines, cover photo about man who slathered his penis in Vegemite to hide drugs at a music festival.

Wednesday WTF: This Week's Craziest Legit Headlines

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What's Your Alignment?

Funny meme of an alignment chart about self soothing activities.
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Funny meme about high mountains.
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Hell Yeah

Funny meme about getting high and narrating peoples lives with Morgan Freeman.
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Sounds About Right

Funny meme about the police finding a man surrounded by doritos and chips ahoy because he got too high.
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Decisions, Decisions

Funny meme about choosing whether to go to college or to become a stoner after high school.
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They All Know

Funny meme about when you're high and you think everyone is looking at you.
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Now That's A Weekend Warrior

Funny meme of a man smiling in the back of a police car, with a bottle of Fireball cinnamon whiskey and a jar of marijuana on top of the car.
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A+ Dad Joke

Funny meme with a dad joke, dad brought home a little pot from Colorado (sounds like he brought marijuana) but he actually brought a small piece of pottery.
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Pretty Freakin High

marijuana sonic the hedgehog Memes barack obama sonic - 9049242880
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When Will People Learn?

Funny meme of r2D2 from Star Wars next to a trash can that looks like him, saying that it's another life ruined by marijuana.
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Time To Take A Stand

Funny meme against marijuana saying that sober people don't order Taco Bell at 1AM, Taco Bell employees have families.
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Funny memes about Morgan Freeman, cracking a cold one with the boys, pork, pigs, Brooklyn, TV, pizza, marijuana, google, fighting, Michael Jackson, babies, dating, relationships, cats, Shaquille O'Neal.

15 of Today's Funniest Memes: Hump Day Edition

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Tuesday worth of funny memes about being vegan, drinking, dating, relationships, fidget spinners, high school, Star Wars, Hanson, golf, television, tv, weed, trailer park boys, kim kardashian, naps, cars, license plates.

16 of Tuesday's Funniest Memes

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Thursday funny memes from Instagram about texting, dating, relationships, dogs, doggos, puppers, weed, parents, horses, netflix, blockbuster, vegans, veganism, fidget spinners, school, shrek, photoshop.

Thursday's 19 Best Memes: Mucho Doggo Edition

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Funny meme asking what you do after smoking a miniature blunt, photo of miniature fast food meal and fried chicken.
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