A+ Dad Joke

Funny meme with a dad joke, dad brought home a little pot from Colorado (sounds like he brought marijuana) but he actually brought a small piece of pottery.
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Pretty Freakin High

marijuana sonic the hedgehog Memes barack obama sonic - 9049242880
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When Will People Learn?

Funny meme of r2D2 from Star Wars next to a trash can that looks like him, saying that it's another life ruined by marijuana.
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Time To Take A Stand

Funny meme against marijuana saying that sober people don't order Taco Bell at 1AM, Taco Bell employees have families.
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Funny memes about Morgan Freeman, cracking a cold one with the boys, pork, pigs, Brooklyn, TV, pizza, marijuana, google, fighting, Michael Jackson, babies, dating, relationships, cats, Shaquille O'Neal.

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Tuesday worth of funny memes about being vegan, drinking, dating, relationships, fidget spinners, high school, Star Wars, Hanson, golf, television, tv, weed, trailer park boys, kim kardashian, naps, cars, license plates.

16 of Tuesday's Funniest Memes

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Thursday funny memes from Instagram about texting, dating, relationships, dogs, doggos, puppers, weed, parents, horses, netflix, blockbuster, vegans, veganism, fidget spinners, school, shrek, photoshop.

Thursday's 19 Best Memes: Mucho Doggo Edition

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Funny meme asking what you do after smoking a miniature blunt, photo of miniature fast food meal and fried chicken.
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Tweet about marijuana legalization - it would sell more than movie tickets, ice cream and snacks but also cause an increase in the sale of the same items.
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Collection of funny memes having to do with food, finals, college, grammar, cooking, eggs, donald trump, the simpsons, work, job hunting, emotions, tom brady.

18 Memes to Gently Ease You Into the Day

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Which Nug Would Win?

Funny meme - someone asks their friend to bring a nug, meaning marijuana, they bring a chicken nugget in a small bag that is used for drugs.
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Weed Prodigy

Man smokes guitar shaped blunt, plays a guitar wrong 5 minutes later, funny meme.
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A list of memes making jokes about smoking weed, hitting blunts, getting high.

Meme Roundup: 420 Edition

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A list of memes pertaining to smoking weed. We get it, you smoke weed.

4/20 Meme Roundup: We Get It, You Smoke Weed

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Um, what's at that location?

marijuana - 8991020800
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The Right Filter

marijuana - 8985723648
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