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20+ Interesting & Silly Maps That Laugh in the Face of Cartography

Don't consult them for directions
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People Argue Over The Longest Possible Route You Could Walk Across Earth

Google Maps time
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Strange And Useless Maps That Laugh In The Face Of Cartography

Who needs accuracy
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Nothing To See Here

Funny Twitter meme that reads, "WELCOME VISITOR. WE HAVE A 'CHURCH' AND A 'SCHOOL' AND NO TENTACLES WHATEVER" above an image of a map of a city called, "Humansville"
bring the two koreas together with flex tape

20 Mildly Offensive Memes That'll Leave You Feeling Lightly Salted

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Party Pooper

Funny tweet by a guy who explains that every time he gets drunk he edits the state of Missouri to look bigger on Wikipedia and that someone ratted him out for it
Via Crazyguydave
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14 Terrible But Entertaining Maps That Will Not Educate You About Geography In The Slightest

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Judgment Day Is Here

Uber Eats banner that says "Be prepared to meet Jesus outside" with caption that reads, "Did Uber Eats just threaten me??"
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Caption that reads, "Danger presented by Ohio" above a map of the United States where Ohio is portrayed as a danger zone
Via tacosharks

So True!

Caption that reads, "We all ave that one friend we travel with: 'It's not that far, we can walk'" above a map that shows the route to walk from eastern Russia to South Africa
Via anlyin

Righteous Bro

Map of Australia from the 1800s that depicts a giant river going through the middle of the continent, and text that reads, "Thomas J. Maslen imagined a big river in the middle of Australia, 1830"
Via Sevault

Just As I Suspected

Caption that reads, "Well...would you look at that" above a pic of a Google map with "Someone better than me" googled at the top, and a pop-up notification below that reads, "No results"
Via MrWeemsicle

Get Vertical With This New Rocket League Map

cool map - 8800859648
Created by Playsofthegame ( Via )

Nothing to See Here

google maps map - 8759289856

Know Your Eurpoes

funny memes tomato vs potato europe
Via nalgenebottle
country map john oliver geography - 73811969

Geography Lessons With John Oliver Highlights Places You Think so Little About You Couldn't Find Them on a Map

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