Lana Del Rey Fan Gets Mansplained On Twitter For Not Knowing Tool

Bless this little Lana stan's young heart. In the wake of Lana Del Rey's "Norman F*king Rockwell" release there seems to have been a bit of drama on Twitter pitting Tool fans against die-hard fans of the self-proclaimed "Venice Btch." User @eurodoll, who operates an extremely Lana-heavy social media account, posted an incredulous tweet regarding prog rock band Tool's #1 status over both her idol (#2) and Taylor Swift (#3). 

"you know i really love to see it i truly was nervous she wouldnt pass lover just because i know the t swift fanbase is so big ... anyways who the f*ck is TOOL? and can they move their fat ass like genuienly no idea who that is am i the only one??????"

The tweet garnered a ton of attention from angry, mansplainy Tool fans and old people alike. Despite support from other fans of Lana Del Rey, @eurodoll ended up posting an apology to Tool and their fans. We're not quite sure if it's sincere, but the saga has been pretty freaking entertaining for us olds. 

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