Funny anime memes, weeaboos, animemes, manga, hentai | Naruto hand shake class nerd kid who didn't study Finishing exam early | sinstagram infiuencers can feel them staring at OHIME Horny 12 year olds Simps made with mematic

Anime Memes Even Non-Weebs Can Appreciate

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emotional manga from japan about man with forgetful wife, brain damage, he ends up having dementia | oh yeah i forgot to ask where we're going. how can you forget. the hospital. is that so?

'My Forgetful Wife' Is A Manga That Will Give You All The Feels

I'm not crying, you're crying!
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Funny anime memes, naruto hiding, manga, tv, dank memes.

'Naruto Hiding' Is An Anime Meme Anyone Can Appreciate

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comics manga - 5317125

This Manga About Eating Disorders Takes An Awesomely Gory Turn

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World Wide Weeaboo

Funny meme about japan and manga, hentai.
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Sugoi desu ne

Caption that reads, "History teacher mentions Japan; Weebs: ..." above a still of a guy from a TV show saying, "I like where this is going"
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funny memes about manga, anime, and netflix adaptation.

16 'Netflix Adaptation' Memes That Really Stick It To The Company

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Why Is This So Hard?

Caption that reads, "When you're drunk AF trynna send a 'WYD' text" above a pic of Vegita from Dragon Ball Z appearing to text with one eye closed
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Funny anime memes.

18 Fresh Anime Memes That'll Satisfy Your Inner Weeb

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Funny list of reactions to Osama bin Laden watching hentai and anime.

Breaking News: Osama Bin Spankin' It To Anime Tiddies

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Funny manga of two girls - unexpected ending. One girl cuts down a 7 headed girl and in the end it is revealed that her heads are basically watermelon.

Check Out This Bizarre Manga From Abe Youichi

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attack on titan memes

The Best of Attack on Titan Memes From Season Two!

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That Moment When Your Manga Shelf Gives under the Weight of a Thousand Treasures, and Your World Ends

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What it feels like to play a DBZ game

dragonball z manga video games video game logic funny - 8799641344
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The Logic of Love

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Hope That Senpai Can Calculate Me

gifs bert Sesame Street manga science math - 8536228864
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