Twitter Thread: A Brief History Of Ancient Roman Fossil Hunting

It's said that you learn something new every day. Sometimes the knowledge one gains can seem pretty mundane. But today, Twitter user @OptimoPrincipi managed to rock our world with an informative thread about ancient Roman paleontology. The short thread is an eye-opener for anyone who thought the science was, well, modern. Turns out that Roman "fossil hunters" were fascinated by the bones of the "monsters" that pre-dated humans, even going as far as to create replicas of the extinct creatures. It's a wonderful look at the inquisitive minds of the past, and a testament to the apparently rich history of archaeological discovery. 

Informative Twitter thread about the history of Ancient roman fossil hunting, archaeology, paleontology, dinosaurs, mammoths, extinct animals | Gareth Harney @OptimoPrincipi 1) An ancient Roman-dinosaur- monster-bones thread! Yes read right did know Romans were keen fossil hunters, fascinated by bones ancient "monsters Augustus liked decorate his holiday-villa "not so much with statues and pictures but with | bones monstrous beasts, famed their antiquity and rarity. He called them bones giants
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