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Woman's Boyfriend Freaks Out Over Cost of Two Beers, She Turns the Tables on His Freeloading

What a bum
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Uber Customer Acts Up During Ride, Driver Gets Perfect Revenge

Got what he deserved
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Entitled Boss Refuses to Let Worker Take Time Off for Honeymoon, Shoots Self in the Foot

Working 40 hours a week for years is nearly impossible without respect and reasonable benefits. Everyone who works deserves a reasonable amount of time off, especially for important life events, like getting married or having a child. When redditor u/WhoSc3w3dDaP00ch requested time off for their honeymoon nearly two months in advance, their deadbeat manager (who was notoriously bad at reading important emails) ignored the request for weeks before finally denying OP's time off. The boss said “re…
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Customer Complains About Being Shortchanged, Forfeits Getting Extra

She played herself
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Greedy Landlord Tries To Exploit Tenant for Free Labor, Gets Owned Instead

Slumlords are exploitative by nature, and in this lucky redditor's case, not very smart. After u/nopanicprepper experienced a series of plumbing issues in their home, they notified their absentee landlord , who refused to pay for any repairs. Instead, the landlord “allowed” OP to do the repairs since OP was an engineer. (How generous.) OP maliciously complied, and to the landlord's horror, sent over a hefty invoice for parts and labor. Keep scrolling for the whole story.
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When Company's New Owners Cut Benefits, Employee Exploits Loophole to Screw Over Bosses

Moral of the story: don't mess with PTO
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Medical Insurance Insists on Direct Billing for Dude's Surgery, Gets Hit With More Expensive Bill

Their choice!
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Employee Exposes Shady Boss Who Cheated Workers Out of Secret Benefit for Years

If you haven't noticed, there's an epidemic of horrible bosses scamming their employees out of benefits, wages, and precious time. It's almost as if the managerial class as a whole is incentivized to rip off the working class as much as possible. How else is your boss supposed to become filthy rich? That money has to come from somewhere. Redditor u/ClubWag recently shared their infuriating tale of working for a lying, gaslighting boss who broke promises and cheated employees out of official pol…
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New Management Tells Staff to Quit if They Don’t Like the New Rules, Everyone Quits

There's no shortage of stories about incompetent managers driving their skilled staff away with terrible ideas about how they should be doing their jobs, and this post recently shared on r/MaliciousCompliance is a perfect example. For those who want the TL;DR: basically, OP worked at a sales job where they had a fantastic manager who treated his staff like human beings and gave them the freedom to do their jobs in whatever way worked best for them. As long as everyone was hitting their targets,…
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A group of reddit stories about people maliciously complying with their parents unreasonable demands.

Adult Children Maliciously Comply With Parents Demands From Their Childhoods, Hilarity Ensues

Have you ever been told, “when you live under my roof, you follow my rules”? It's one of the all-time classic lines parents use to mean “sit down and shut up.” Kids don't usually have the power to maliciously comply with their parent's wishes, at least without getting in trouble or being deemed a smart *ss. They typically just have to complicity bow to their parent's every wish. But when they grow up, they're able to give their mom and dad a taste of their own medicine
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Boss Chides Employee for Wearing Shorts to Work, Malicious Compliance Ensues

Nobody likes a boss who arbitrarily makes up reasons to berate their employees just because they're having a bad day and feel like taking it out on someone. When redditor u/bear-mc showed up to work wearing totally normal khaki shorts due to the hot weather, their boss used it as an opportunity to reprimand them. The boss demanded that OP “follow the dress code to the book," and OP complied…maliciously.
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Idiot Boss Fires Only Worker Who Can Operate Special Machine to Cover for Guy Who Keeps Breaking It

Do you ever think about all the infrastructure that holds society together and wonder what Big Industry looks like behind the scenes? Turns out every trade has its idiots who somehow got to run the show and hire their idiot friends and relatives to do dangerous and critical jobs. According to one redditor's lengthy (and captivating) tale of malicious compliance, the energy sector is no exception. I don't know who needs to hear this, but you probably shouldn't fire the only person who knows how…
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IT Department Forced To Work July 4th, Team Leader Goes Wild With Revenge Company Holiday Party

They deserved it
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Clever Engineer Teaches Sleazy Client a Lesson After They Refuse to Pay

Do you pay an engineer for pressing buttons or do you pay an engineer for knowing which buttons to press? Definitely the latter, and some people learn that the hard way, like the sleazy customer in u/AwkLemon 's epic r/ProRevenge story. They thought they could get away with tricking a professional problem-solver into doing a day of free labor . They thought wrong.
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Boss Ignores Subcontractor's Advice for Improving Efficiency & Ends Up Paying Workers $900 Per Hour for Years

Having a stupid boss usually means your work life is going to be much harder than it should be. But in one redditors case, having an incompetent boss really paid off. $900 per hour to be exact.
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Creep Gets Fired For Harassing Female Co-workers, Still Asks For Reference

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