Can You Write Me a Poem?

college english major Pie Chart poetry truancy story - 5593878272
By Franklinad

What About Doing It For the Science, You Monster?

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By pwjones

I Was Starting To Worry About Why You Were Carrying That Crowbar Around

college half life major physics Pie Chart truancy story - 5521015040
By Unknown

So You Like Reading About Dead People?

college history major Pie Chart - 5299275776
By rockinINgc

Re-Plotted: I Just Find Humanity So Stimulating

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By aggman

Don't Tell Me It's Because I Want to Marry My Mother

annoying college major Pie Chart psychology - 5267408640
By Scampers36

Uber Frosh: A Major Annoyance

class college complaint freshman major school uber frosh - 5242488576
See all captions By Unknown

Maybe I'm a Bio-Engineer, Ever Consider That?

annoying college engineering fix major Pie Chart - 5010473472
By Tanvir


college lightsaber major physics school science star wars understanding universe - 3493076224
By greenlantern1416


college computer fix good major numbers Pie Chart university - 2643124224
By lucyrickyalex
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