Article about a woman who left out a hilarious note for her neighbor who was going through her packages.

Nosy Neighbor Gets Caught On Camera Snooping Through Woman's Packages

How far is too far when snooping through someone's packages? It is not uncommon for mail carriers to misplace deliveries, and you might never see your package again with one misplaced delivery. However, some people are way too comfortable looking through strangers' things.
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Hopefully They Leave the Package

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How UPS Manages to "Just Miss" You Every Time

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Thanks, Mom

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If You Insist

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Just a Mail Dog

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Sandwich Bomb!

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Website That Lets You Send Anyone Edible ‘Bag of Dicks’ To Enjoy.

Epic win prank bag of dicks that are edible.
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Which One Are You?

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This is What Happens to Dads Who Read Their Kids' Mail

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Who Cares About Children's Dreams Anyway?

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Mail Fail

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Oh Sweet, FInally Got Those Coupons

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The Honeymoon's Over

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I Wanted to Personally Send You This Individualized Note

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Those Amazon Drones Are so Apologetic

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