To YouTube, Minions!

magnets obama president youtube - 4394060544
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Hipster Kitty: This Reality

Etch A Sketch Hipster Kitty magnets mainstream - 4388732928
Created by psyke51

WoW, a Troll!

how do they work ICP magnets quest world of warcraft - 4366049024
Created by perignis

Let's Be Positive for a Change

facebook hugs magnets mormon positive trollface - 4362766336
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At Last!

Gravity ground magnets troll science - 4356550400
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Truth in Troll Science?

brain magnets problem science troll science - 4347217920
Created by fibonaccimathgenius

The Sane Clown Posse

ICP IRL magnets miracles - 4342959616
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Troll Science: How to hack memebase!

facebook hax magnets memebase problem troll science - 4338209792
Created by fadiwartani2

Seriously, How Do They Work!?

amazon cheap magnets shoppers beware trolls - 4324905728
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Venn Diagrams: The New Magnets?

hilarious magnets meta political venn diagram - 4310742016
Created by thomasoniii

Technologically Impaired Duck: Magnets!

cars magnets Technologically Impaired Duck troll science - 4309645568
Created by batmanbinsuparman

Opposites Attract

attraction magnets Mormon Chat opposites polygamy - 4282143744
Created by OneObstacle

Trol Science: Need This in Seattle

magnets rain troll science - 4293534464
Created by Unknown
magnets Video - 12881409

How Do These Work?

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christmas magnets Video - 12881921

How Do They Sculpt?

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Troll Science: The force

Jedi magnets the force troll science water - 4273919488
Created by hamgamgo